Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Nefarious Mr. S.

Of course, I was none too pleased after my chloroforming the other day and with everything going on with RegencyFest, I was too busy to pursue it further. Upon checking my store inventory, I realized I was missing a black paisley waistcoat ensemble. Nick. Chloroform me and steal from me? Grrrrr... I asked some low friends in lower places his whereabouts and found him in the lowest of all...beneath Vic City stirring up things in the opium den. This time I just pulled out my knife-pistol and decided to ask questions later. Everyone scattered as I levelled it at him, taking a shot and a slash. In the commotion, he got away from me, running off into the tunnels.Yes, that's his blood on the rug...and if you knew him like I do, you will wish that I got him.

Caledon Wellsian Open!

The Guvnah officially opened Caledon Wellsian last night, so I thought I'd ride Flashy on over. We trotted up a steep hill until we got to the top and saw this mining cart. I must look at that a bit more next visit...A view of the bridge and mineworks overlooking the valley below...
And an airship that I had to get a closer look at!

Many Thanks for RegencyFest

I woke up in a post-RegencyFest drink- and pink cage dancing-induced haze this morning. All I could do was smile because everything turned out so well and I hope that you all will continue to visit our beautiful Northern sim. We were told that it was the first time a whole Caledon sim threw a sim-wide festival like this! That says a lot to me about my great neighbors! I'd like to give a big thank you to all of you who came as well as to some other folks as well:

The RegencyFest Planning Committee who, besides myself, were Mr Knight, Lady Shaylee, Lady Edwina, Miss Connolly, Miss Schnabel, Miss Burton, Mr Sands, Miss Snook, and Mr Sands...

All of our neighbors of Regency, who pitched in when needed. Of special note, Mr Horus, Miss Davies, Miss Paine, and Mr Beaumont. Thank you Capt. Koba for allowing us to use your land for the games. We know how much you wanted to be there!

The team of Sputnik & Lightfoot for the help with our main beautiful RegencyFest sign...

Sir Zen for scripting the lanterns for our walking tour

Friar Newbe for his cask of Stormhold Monastery Dominacythe absinthe

Radio Riel DJs Her Grace Gabrielle Riel and my neighbor Miss Figaro

and Prof. Avalanche who provided the fun games and assistance for the Regatta.

If there is anyone I left out, do forgive me, and know that we appreciate your helping to make RegencyFest such a huge success!!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Regency Court of Whimsy Ball...

We all looked ever so fancy and fanciful at the Regency Court of Whimsy Ball held at Mr Sands' later! What does one wear to such a thing? Big, big dresses and even bigger hair! I decided to go the "Versailles" route myself...Here I am dancing with Mr Sands, who looked handsome as the Jack of Hearts...
Lady Dia at the left looking lovely with her dress and matching wig, but oh! The Marquise! I loved her birdcage wig and purple, blue and red outfit! The lag was catching up with me, crashing me three times, so I wish I got her when she still had on the dress...
...speaking of dress...the Duchess Kintyre's was truly one of a fantastic circumference! Sir Zen? Where are you in there?
Wonderful time! Thank you all so much for coming!

...And the Afterparties!

After the Ball the party continued, with Her Grace Gabi turning it over to Miss Figaro and the parties moved over spanning the rooftops of Lady Edwina, my brownstone, and the Greenspan/Knight home! I had constructed bridges so that folks could easily go back and forth between the roofs! Is that Mr Weyland dancing in the cage?
Everyone had a great time and the partying continued into the night!
I'd like to thank everyone for coming out! It was so much fun! We have an unofficial motto here: "Whatever Happens in Regency, Stays in Regency!"

RegencyFest Begins! Walking Tour and Regatta!

RegencyFest's first official event was a well-attended walking tour of the sim led by Lady Shaylee. We all had lovely lanterns she created to use as we stopped at residences and businesses along the way. Many have signs that you can click for a notecard if you'd like to find out more info. Oh! Did you know that Regency has its own Stonehenge-esque Stone Circle? Come see for yourself... Afterwards, we gathered at my pier for the start of the "Whatever Floats Your Boat" Regatta...all vessels welcome! I had a spread of casks of Loch Avie/Bellambi whisky and Dominacythe absinthe from Friar Newbe, Winterfell port and tea, of course. I also had lemonade and cake for any tiny visitors...
Mr Farrin Underwood and Miss Imogen Saltair came dressed, as they said, "in preparation of sinking"...
...but we decided their vessel should win the award for "Most Creative" (this was taken before they changed the axle position).
Mr Knight was there to hand out the lovely lighthouse awards he created to Lady Dia for best time, Miss Saltair for her creativity, and Prof. Avalanche in appreciation for his help...
We had quite a lot of fun!

Early Bird Navy Regatta & Afterparty

I put on my smart new Imperial Navy of Caledon midshipman's uniform and slipped away from Regency for a moment to attend the Early Birds' Navy party after their Regatta, where I was promptly handed a large glass of ale...
Commodore Sputnik started jigging and I follwed his lead. Soon all of us were jigging...
Grogging and jigging encouraged? The Navy was definitely the right choice for me...
And Mr. Sands...grogging and jigging with an anchor!

Friday, September 28, 2007

All the Little Green Dots...

It is so exciting to see so much activity in Regency right now! My neighbors and I have been running around like crazy making final preparations for tomorrow! We are all so excited about having everyone come to see our beautiful sim and felt that Regency should have the grand opening it deserves. We promise that you'll enjoy yourselves and hope you'll come out! I even finished everything on my list...I am sooo tired...

Tomorrow I'm setting up the games and Miss Vee will be dropping off the horse trail and demo horse vendor for us. Professor Avalanche will be on hand to assist with the games and Regatta. Ooo! RegencyFest is going to be so much fun!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

RegencyFest Planning Meeting Gone Wild & New Boston

I can not believe I forgot to post this! Earlier this week, some members of the RegencyFest Planning Committee got together at Miss Connolly's (at left head of table) lighthouse to finalize plans (clockwise: Miss Connolly, Mr Knight, Lady Shaylee, Miss Schnabel, Lady Edwina, and myself).After we did, Mr Knight treated us to his "special" AV and set out a tip jar...
...complete with disturbing "zombie baby" pole dancing...
Afterwards, I attended a black and white formal at the beautiful New Boston sim, where I danced with the Baron Wulfenbach...
...and Doctor Mason. It was a lovely time.

Lady Amber's Mabon Party

Afterwards, I had quite a lovely time at the Baroness' Mabon party, celebrating the arrival of autumn and the equinox among good company and conversation. I was escorted there by Dr. Mason, with whom I really enjoyed talking to as we danced and danced.At one point, we heard the chugging of a Snorty steam elephant as Miss Joni Vargas stopped by. A steam mammoth was produced to greet her.
Only in Caledon...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Miss Laval's List!

Must get ready for RegencyFest!!!!! Oh we will have delightfully silly fun all day and evening! I have also acquired a steampunk skydiving thingamabobbit from Mr. Writer! Hooray! Things to do, things to get...

What the...?!

Yes...I've looked like this before after one too many shots of Bellambi whisky, but this time my being laid out was not of my own doing. I was working on my rooftop and then I saw him...I couldn't believe my eyes. Dash it! I thought I'd taken him out years ago during a mission in the former Barbary Coast. I daresay he didn't forget as the last thing I remember was a chloroformed handkerchief...

My past is catching up to me once more...Must let C know he's returned...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

San Francesco Assisi Basilica

If you have not seen the build for the San Francesco Assisi Basilica, based upon the real one in Italy...GO...It will be worth it...

Spring-y Fun!

I was next door trying to get some RegencyFest things done when I got an IM from my next door neighbor Lady Shaylee asking me to come on over. I hopped over and who should I see, slowly swaying back and forth on a spring-y muppy but Sir Zen! Lady Shaylee produced a pig and an elephant and the spring-y fun began! Lady Shaylee got a little giddy like the rest of us...Soon we were joined by Miss Becky Book and Her Grace Kintyre. We had a good time laughing and talking. When I said I really should've been doing RegencyFest things, Zen said "You have to make time for play in SL sometimes." For a moment it got quiet as if all of us were looking at him like, Zen? Who said this and where is the Zen--one of the hardest working gents in SL --we know? "Well, who was the first one on the spring-y animal?" he said. Touche...
He helped Lady Shaylee to script the beautiful lantern that she will be using during her walking tour of Regency! Thank you for your help Sir! If you come to Regency, you'll have a chance to have a go on the spring-y animals yourself!

Monday, September 24, 2007

A Look at Wellesian

As you know, I have been documenting Friar Newbelius' progress as he builds the Stormhold Monastery. I convinced him to take a break from adding wooden floors, stained glass windows, and torture--I mean-- inquisition rooms to slip over to see the new sim of Caledon Wellesian with me...Mr. Wilberforce Beaumont joined us as we surveyed our surroundings from up high, which included a cavorite mining installation and this beautiful bridge! The Guvnah was flying back and forth, busily terraforming and adding final touches to what promises to be one of Caledon's most intriguing sims yet!

Ras' Rez Day Party

Today was the Duke Regent of Kintyre, Erasmus Margulis', 1st Rez Day. I came earlier to see pictures and stories shared by friends. However, as I was arriving, my SLNN editor contacted me about a breaking story and I had to leave to work on it as it's one I have been following for months. Dia sent me a "Elle, get your behind over here NOW!" IM and tp to join the end of the party when I finally logged back in 3 hours later. I, um, didn't want to refuse? Fire and wings just about sums up what I dropped into and I was more than happy to be able to switch into fallen angel for once. Dia had her pitchfork, which meant I had to bring out my flaming torch to match her! I had a good time.

For My Fellow Warrior Woman!!!!

Dia, I could not wait to tell you!!

Sir Tele put out a call for sparring partners and His Grace Cymru and I answered and showed up at the arena. Fought some really fierce one-on-ones, but melee-style free for alls must be my calling because I made them BOTH eat dirt. I am tickled belief right now (of course, until I eat dirt, which will happen--but allow me my temporary glee)! Excellent fights gents, thank you! Hoooo!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

GenX with Gabi! My Radio Riel Caledon Debut

Today's Radio Riel GenX with Gabi party was my Caledon debut as a host! We had a huge turnout and a LOT of fun! I love Miss Dee Enoch's (on my left) modern "Kali" outfit!Her Grace Gabi had out her full retro turntable set as we danced to hit movie songs. At one point, we were overcome by the newest gent inducted into the Compulsive Swooners group, Mr. Turing Weyland. Who are the Swooners? That's another post for another time...
Everyone danced their hearts out...
...until the sun came up. Although, we provided a little light of our own...
Afterwards, I was given a tour of the Regency Hospital and the Bloodwing Foundation in Steelhead by the good Dr. Mason himself, who showed me his Tesla generator.
The Dr. is rather earnest in what he does, so I could not help but to make a sizeable donation towards the maintenance of the hospital. It benefits us all and that is what good neighbors do!

RegencyFest is ON!!!! Caledon Regency's Official Opening September 29!

Come out and have fun and silliness as Caledon Regency officially celebrates its opening!!!!

The RegencyFest Planning Committee (Mr. Drystan Knight and wife Lady Shaylee Greenspan, Lady Edwina Heron, Miss Zoe Connolly, Miss Violet Schnabel, Mr. Nix Sands, Miss Eugenia Burton, and myself) have finalized the schedule for RegencyFest on September 29:

9 am - 1pm:
Self-guided tours of Regency homes and businesses (freebies available!)
Regency-period book displays provided by the Caledon Library
Stream DJing by Regency residents
Horseback riding along the Stormhold Trail
Games and fun

1 - 2pm:
Official guided walking tour
(Set to "Midnight" for a lovely lantern-led tour!)
Lady Shaylee will lead visitors on a guided tour of Regency, showing you its sights, with surprises and freebies along the way!

2 - 3:30pm:
"Whatever Floats Your Boat" Regatta & Contest!
Starts and finishes at Eladrienne Laval's pier in the NW corner
Silliness prevails! Bring your fun and creative floating vessels for a regatta of silliness around the Northern sims! Prizes for the most creative vessel!

4 - 7pm:
Court of Whimsy Ball
Mr. Nix Sands', at the main hub
Radio Riel DJ, Her Grace Gabrielle Riel, will spin the tunes! Wear the most fantastic and outrageous formal court dress you can find! The bigger the dress, the better!

7 pm - until we drop:
Rooftop dancing spanning the homes of Lady Edwina, Miss Laval, and Mr. Knight/Lady Shaylee
Candlelight Catapulting

Find out why Regenites have the most fun!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Oktoberfest in Neualtenburg! Steins for Everybody!

My very first gig as a Radio Riel host backing up the DJ, Her Grace Gabi, was today! We headed over to Neualtenburg to kick off their Oktoberfest celebration! Dirndls and pretzels and steins, oh my! Here is Her Grace and I dancing with her cousin, Kaiserin Kendra...Her Grace and I looked like the Dirndl, we did not plan this at all!!! "Oh, you Celts and your green..." the Kaiserin said.
There I am in my official 2007 Oktoberfest hat, based upon the RL one, and everyone was having so much fun...
...that we even had a Dauphin and Grand Duchess from the court of Versailles dancing on the tables!
Mr. Newbe Writer was dancing to German traditional and contemporary music in his lederhosen and the Kaiserin did the Chicken Dance--complete with hat...