Friday, March 27, 2009

Springtime Formal

Steelhead's Friday end of the month dance is always formal and this month's was celebrating spring. I couldn't resist...yellow and bunny just seemed very springtime-like to me!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Steelhead Town Meeting: 3/24

At this week's Steelhead town meeting, Miss Rossisle Portland arrived as a toaster (see 2nd row) and Mrs. Peterman debuted the new fatigue uniform for the Steelhead Navy. For highlights and more information about goings-on in Steelhead, click HERE.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Great Tensainami Flooding of Steelhead

The waters started rising in Steelhead City and citizens scrambled to get themselves and their belongings, pets and livestock to higher ground. The Great Tensainami had struck the town!I had run across the Sheriff, who muttered something about saying something to Tensai and well...
Many of us steered small vessels or took on mer form to navigate the flooded town. It was an odd feeling to paddle my canoe down Steelhead's main streets...
And see my home submerged up to its second floor! Oh no! My bunny!
Even Port Harbor was flooded. But this being Steelhead, it meant many of us staged an impromptu ironclad and paddleboat battle. I managed to get Emperor SteelCobra's ironclad down to 92% before he finally got me...
I do believe I will be surveying the water damage at Laval Point today. And Sunny Bunny? He is alright. He found safe harbor from the waters on the bridge until they receded.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Steelhead Tour

Organized by Miss Lumina Elvehjem, the Steelhead Tour is in full swing until April 14! Come on and look for the trout set out at scenic locations and by merchants throughout all of Steelhead for your free gifts!I thought I'd show you some interesting displays. Mine for instance, has an extra flotation device...
Look for this altar to the mighty Steelhead trout...
This trout was busy sweeping away...
And well, this was inevitable...
Do come over to Steelhead and explore if you want to find these fun displays and many others! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Steelhead Town Meeting

Steelhead came out for the weekly town meeting. Yes, there was green beer and a trout with a hat. Go fish! You can find the meeting highlights and Steelhead events HERE. And come on over and see the Steelhead Public Library's Steampunk exhibit as well as find trouts for special gifts during the Steelhead Tour, going on until April 14!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Policy Won't Have An Effect...

Here is what the managers of my two favorite 19th c./historic-themed sims--Caledon and Steelhead respectively--have to say about the recent policy thoughts from LL:

The Guvnah (via notice):
"I just don't see any changes coming to Caledon over it. We won't be flagging as 'adult' and I don't forsee any changes to anyone's usual activities.

Any goody~two~shoes snooping too closely around personal skyboxes for purposes of being the Morality Police will be reported for harrassment, let alone banned by me for unwarranted search as per our rights declarations."

Miss Tensai Hilra (via her Twitterfeed, which you may follow here):
"I dont see a huge change, our city has always been flagged as adult, and always will be. not smut, adult."

In short, do take a big breath folks.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Steelhead Town Meeting: 3/10

That wisp of smoke is Miss Qinan. And yes, Lunar had black hair. For highlights of this week's town meeting, click HERE.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Undergrid and Over Water at Armada

Jagermeister Szondi opened a new location called Undergrid, Victoria Station. It is a centralized location for all thing steampunk and 19th c.-related, whether it is Victorian era sims, clothing, goods and services. One may find landmarks to visit these locations and merchants all over the grid. Last night, I convinced my friend Newbe Writer to come and place a LM as well. You really should visit his Writer SteamWorks shop in Caledon Steam Sky City. He makes the most beautiful street and wall clocks and other items...
I thought I'd pay a visit as well to the new Armada Breakaway sim. Based upon the works of fantasy writer China Mieville, it is to be a RP community. I love visiting new sims when they first come about as it is always so interesting to see how they develop. I wandered through its passageways and hopped over to its wooden walkways crossing the water. I do so enjoy well-thought out places that I can get lost in...I looked over and saw an impromptu ironclad battle break out...
And looked over the scenery of this floating community. You may also read more about Armada at Dr Fabre's aethernet journal HERE.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Steelhead Town Meeting: 3/3

Gearing up for RFL and the Steelhead Tour. Read more highlights from the meeting HERE.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

7th Babbage Sim Has Arrived

Well now, that was fast! Mayor Tenk announced the arrival/landing of Babbage's 7th sim today.