Saturday, June 30, 2007

Steam Bunny on the Move

Here I am as a steam-powered bunny. Babbage seemed like the perfect place to visit as one! Felt a little creaky at first, but once I got going...

Friday, June 29, 2007

Of Waistcoats and Waiting!

I had the pleasure of meeting fellow menswear designer Mako Magellan of Kittiwick the other day and he previewed three new suits for me. As I am very new to shopkeeping and maintaining a men's fine clothiers, it is always nice to talk/commiserate with a colleague. Every shopkeeper that I know works very hard.

RL had pulled me away from being able to sit down and buckle down and create and it will happen again tonight, but I do promise that E.Laval Haberdasher will open next week. Two Caledonians are currently wearing my pieces right now if you would like a preview: Mr. HyBosch Otsuzum of Kittiwick and Sir Telemachus Dean of Caledon Cay (who is healing rather nicely, I was told).

Truly a work in progress!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Did WHAT? When?

I shot Sir Telemachus in the kneecap with an arrow last night. Okay, both kneecaps.

"Oh my, that's not very sporting of you Miss Laval!" you might be thinking, but a-ha! He was asking for it! Really. He did. What brought about my armed bit o' spite? He's quite good and felled me a little too casually--twice.

We are friends, and I had given him a rather nice gift (ask him to show you). In exchange, he gave me a Gorean bow set and taught me how to use it. The two of us were running amok in Loch Avie during my lesson. I do believe wearing a red bustle dress made me a rather easy target. At least I took off the feathered hat! For all of you who might think it's not very ladylike, I seem to be following in the footsteps of quite a long line of women who know their way around a weapon.

Besides, I'm beginning to believe that I'm not the only Caledonian woman who owns at least one (my current count: 2 Ordinal pistols, 1 Ordinal knife-pistol, 1 dagger, 1 Gorean bow set, and I see an Ordinal stiletto in my future). Not to worry me, I'm not a violent type at all and temper aside, I'm normally of a charmingly peaceful disposition.

...Until provoked, lol.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yes, Alright Already!

Hmm...Well now, there's nothing quite like seeing a photo of yourself on horseback in the same posting as Caledon being "intolerant," lol...

I got and get it and what a fun and interesting Caledon storyline it was to me. No, I don't think we're intolerant. Werewolf blahblahblah. Done.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Many Proper Tinies

You never quite know what you will find at my good friend Miss Mulberry's Forever Tiny shop in Kittiwick. I always have an incredibly fun time with her while there. Last night, a reporter from Second Life Spark magazine came by to do a story and Miss Mulberry contacted as many of her friends as possible for a group shot. Many of us--like me--are wearing her designs. Even as a tiny, high fashion does not elude me and Miss Mulberry's lovely dresses are a "problem" for me. I hurried over in all of my ferret-y splendor, lol:One of her human friends made quite a spectacular entrance. Mr. Tenk & Mr. Magellan could not help but to watch as well...
Look! Other ferrets with me (center) and Miss Mulberry! I'm wearing a dress that she created for me! Our friend to my left is quite the rebel, no?
And Miss Discovolante looked very pretty too, I might add...
Only in Caledon.

E.Laval Shop & Carriage House Progress

The shop and carriage house are coming along! I built the carriage house myself and I am rather proud of it. Would you believe me if I said that I did it in 9 prims? I'll put a few leather chairs in there and some sherry and port and other goodies.

I hope to be finished with inventory and open by next week! I didn't expect the land to come through for me so quickly and was caught off guard, lol. Do be sure to come by to see and enjoy it. I am very excited about it all!

I hunted all over for that working weather vane!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Caledon Cay

I was in Caledon Cay, which is the most "American" looking of the Caledon sims to me, with its French Quarter-inspired main square and grand houses. It was Sunday, so I was taking my customary stroll and found it to be quite beautiful there.

Steam Clock

I am rather enjoying my new clock. I think it looks quite wonderful on the corner of my property. Every 15 minutes, it lets off a little steam and is a sight to see!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Caledon's SL 4th Birthday Build

The mini-Caledon build at the SL 4th Birthday area...

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Babbage Visit

I wandered over to New Babbage very late in the evening. I realized that I had not been there since long before the opening of the canal district, when the sim was still relatively new-ish. All was quiet as I went in and out of shops and "somehow" acquired a chiming steam clock from Ginsberg's Dept. store. The canals are lovely, and I ended up at Babbage Park, with its statues of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace. I got a little souvenir statue to take home with me. I will sheepishly admit that at one point, I must have stepped into some type of phantomed patch of cobblestone and fell through right into the canal! How embarrassing! I was thankful that I was alone.

At one point, I do believe I was being stalked by a ghoul, its skull head a bit menacing and its body smeared with a touch of blood. I saw it silently skulking about and eyed it warily. At one point it crossed my path on all fours. I saw it turn to look back at me and I put my hand on my knife-pistol concealed within the voluminous folds of my dress. It left me and then let out a howl. It must have been surprised to hear me howl back in response and did not follow me for the rest of my visit, although I saw it looking at me again from up high. First werebeasts, now ghouls? I'm sure that is not a normal occurrence there and attribute it to the lateness of the hour. I very much look forward to returning again and visiting friends there.

Speaking of werebeasts, it seems that the reports of its demise were exaggerated! I will admit that I feel greatly relieved. Miss Tombola reports that Prof. Avalanche has constructed a humane werewolf trap!

Eyre Is Open!

I thought that I'd stop through the Guvnah's mansion and take a look at the plans. It's always interesting to see his layout and future plans for Caledon. I realized that although Eyre was newly opened, I had not been for a visit yet. It reminds me a bit of Mayfair, but more open. Not to mention its roads and lands that are very conducive to horseriding. I took Flashy for a gallop and then Red and the Stanhope carriage for a leisurely ride, taking a look around...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oh Well, No More Werebeast?

It seems that last night Col. O'Toole and Miss Paperdoll had quite a surprising fright when the werebeast showed up on the doorstep at his Polymath estate. Let us just say that it will not be terrorizing the citizens of Caledon any longer...

Their hair-raising adventure

There is a part of me that feels a bit sorry for the poor creature.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gone Beast Hunting

I had been horse shopping. Doing jumps at McLean's. Galloping through Eyre on a bright red Tombola demo. I feared Flashy wasn't fast enough for me. I returned to Mayfair to think about it more. Was that a howl I heard? AGAIN? It couldn't be. I soon heard word that the werebeast was in Tamrannoch. I had to see this, so I hopped on Flashy and took off flying down the NE-SE road.
When I got to Victoria City, who should cross directly in front of my path by the Red Room Gallery but the werebeast himself! Yes! Those teeth, those claws! Black, shaggy, with a hair-raising growl, he ran ahead of me. I didn't hesitate and was on its heels. How fast it was! Flashy was at full gallop and it was still ahead! Amazing! It cut over to Primverness and I thought I lost it until I heard the crack of Maj. Margulis firing his rifle. At that point the beast ran towards me and leapt over me! I quickly turned Flashy and was after him again, chasing him all the way to Loch Avie. Flashy nimbly took the uneven crags and paths until I could chase it no more. The creature had disappeared into the night. I patted Flashy, both of us out of breath. How could I have doubted him and what a brave horse!
I turned and Lady Amber and Mr. Book were coming up fast upon me on their horses, soon joined by Mr. Webb and Maj. Margulis, rifle ready. The sun was coming up...and we had lost him. The Caledon Beast is free to roam another night. As someone who often shapeshifts into wolf form myself and counts a wolf as my best friend in SL, I fear it is a changeling and do not think it ought to be shot. I have heard of mysterious herbs from the Orient that may help. Can its curse be cured? However, if it makes to attack me, the next time I shall be armed with my Ordinal Knife Pistol, and ready for it...

Bunny Pen Run

When I'm feeling down, I go to Mr. Webb's bunny pen and happily run among them. Today I really needed it.

A griefer somehow did this to his neighbor's home and they had trouble removing it.

Mr. Webb showed me his Tombola pegasus and I love that it has flapping wings. I'll admit that I came away from the workshop much more cheered up than when I arrived.

Back at my land I took Flashy for a ride and ran into the Baron Bardhaven. I inquired about the Baroness' well-being and we struck up a conversation about men's clothing. I told him of my plans to open up shop--something I am both excited and nervous about at the same time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Prestige Post-Expo Rave Dance Grooving Fun

I've had a great time at the Steampunk Expo and its related events. Tonight, I attended the rave dance on the snow-covered grounds of the Prestige in Primverness (my snowflake dress being rather appropriate then!).

There was talk that the werebeast had made an appearance, and we heard his howl. I will admit--I am looking forward to seeing it. As I've stated before, I like a good adventure!
Nothing makes a party quite like a giant flying hot dog (or giant Cthulhu like the one that visited). That little speck dancing above it is its owner Col. O'Toole.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Steampunk Expo Fashion Show

I attended the Steampunk Expo's fashion show and had a lovely time. From uniforms to mad scientist lab coats, all of the designers were splendid and there was a good turnout. Major Margulis played a joke on Mr. Sands and I somehow get the feeling Mr. Sands would not normally select that form of headgear. It makes you think twice about going "away," lol.

I had already seen most of the sights there, but hopped into the Jules Verne cannon, which shot me--as well as Mr. Wormser and Lady Lavendar Beaumont--out, upside-down, and over, landing us in a moon-like environment in the water nearby. I can not say that I take too well to being upside-down, but it was tremendously good fun.

Infernal Gobbling Creatures!

The great wild turkey infestation has become ridiculous. I have seen them almost everywhere in Caledon and even ran from them while in tiny ferret form yesterday in Victoria City. When you are a tiny, those turkeys are surprisingly quite large! Mr. Nimbus Rau was doing his best to shoo them while in peacock form, pecking at them and displaying his spectacular tail in an effort to make them go away. His efforts only seemed to make them come closer! He finally turned into a horse and tried to stomp them with his hooves. "I fear that nothing is having an effect," he said to me. "They are unquellable."

I'll admit to tearing through Mayfair (and Cairntagh and on to Victoria City) and kicking up dust on my brand new horse Flashy today. The straightaway called to me and I prayed not to have a run-in with the tram. He is a birthday present to me and what a magnificent spirited steed he is! I slowed down and Flashy trotted through the Moors and around to Tamrannoch, where I found Mr. Sin waving his walking stick at a group of tom turkeys. After mutual commiseration, I told him I had picked up a turkey trap at Miss Discovolante's store in Kittiwick and we somehow ended up talking about the Caledon werewolf and the beast hunters in search of the elusive creature. So I did hear a wolf the other night! He confirmed for me that it had been seen near Mayfair. "Hah! I am not afraid of a werewolf!" I said. Hmm...I do believe I need a rifle or small arm before I talk such brave talk though. He, along with his colleague Mr. Susenko of New Babbage, is creating a talisman to warn Caledon's citizens of the Beast's approach. I did find it a little odd that at one point he said "Now I sound like the beast hunters!" Am I missing something?

If only there was a talisman for these horrid turkeys!!! Someone hand me a butcher's knife. All of Caledon will be eating turkey for days if I have anything to do with it!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Steampunk Expo

I had the pleasure of attending the Steampunk Expo in Primverness. I met Miss Lapin Paris, organizer and also the main contact for Caledon's Relay for Life, which has personal resonance with me in RL. She has done a fantastic job. I marveled at all the wonderful technology...
Such as the mechanical flying elephant (or "Snorky" as Miss Paris calls the one she took me for a pleasant ride on), which had a run-in with a house...
...and the Cavorite Repulsion Chamber, which was my personal favorite.
I was trying to bounce in a lady-like fashion...
...but as you can see, my descent was not quite graceful at all! Not to mention, whatever happened to my shoes?

"You were rather brave to ride that flying elephant," an acquaintance said later. "I am up for a good adventure," I replied. "To be a woman of Caledon," he said. "Adventure is a given." I couldn't agree more.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Setting Up Shop

Greetings! I have decided to set up shop in Mayfair: E.Laval Haberdasher & atELier. I am rather tickled at the prospect.

I was busy changing all of the exterior textures as I wanted it to remind me of one of the many brick Victorian-era structures that we have in my hometown. I hope to finish with my inventory soon and open shop within the next two weeks (or less!).

Gentlemen, all that I can say is "waistcoats to die for."

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Stroll Through Caledon

On my new Mayfair lot

When I was new to SL, I wandered around a bit confused from place to place in my explorations. However, when I stumbled upon Caledon, there was something very, very different about it that made me want to return again and again. I found myself donning Victorian dress and taking a stroll through Caledon on Sunday mornings. Perhaps it was the intelligent conversation, the 19th-century theme, or the sense of community, but I loved it. As my friend Mr. Webb said: "Soon you'll be looking for land here."

No truer words have been spoken and you may now find me at the intersection of Green & Lemon, Mayfair.

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