Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Hug from Miss Paris

I meant to post this photo with the rest the other day...

This is Caledon's team captain Miss Paris giving me a hug after completing my lap (as Miss G looks on). She is truly amazing and I'll be thinking good thoughts for her.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Miss Kelley's Survivin' Monday Mini-Rave

"Want to come to my garden and dance?" was the simple IM I got from Miss Kelley. Why, of course?

What started out as a girly shake-it-with-champagne get-together turned into an all-out everyone coming by and celebrating the fact they made it through their Monday! Sir Hotspur even brought out an ironclad (complete with large chicken at one point). Personally, I was feeling a little warm from all of the dancing (just the dancing of course...what is that in my hand?) and that's why I progressively ended up with less clothes on than what I started out with.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

SL Relay for Life Day 2: Winding Down

I thought I'd wise up this time and wear roller skates under my relay colors ballgown (8 am was the formal attire hour after all) as I skated through sims like this Huck Finn-themed one...I could not resist a picture at the Journey to the Center of the Earth. Good dinosaur! Good dinosaur...
I realized that even skates weren't as fast and hopped on Flashy. Seeing how many other riders there were, it seems I was not unique. Her Grace, CoyoteAngel Dimsum, joined me for the rest of my lap and in her canine form she had no trouble keeping up at all as she was outrunning Flashy! It was so nice to have company as we practically flew around the track's bends...
A little over a hour since I first left camp, I returned. This is something that I am so glad to have experienced...
The final total raised so far was L$31,733,401! Almost $116K USD!!! Team Caledon placed 9th in overall team amounts raised with a total so far of L$1,298,439 and after 18.5 hours on the track, Mr. Vollmar (as a cheetah today) placed 4th in track laps run with a total of 17! Huzzah! Hooray for our team captain Miss Paris, SLRFL team members, and those who donated their money or time! We should all be very proud of what has been accomplished! And after listening to the closing ceremonies, even the aliens danced...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

SL Relay for Life Day 1 Start: Go Caledon GO!

Today was the first day of the Second Life Relay for Life event this weekend and I'm wearing one of the official Caledon uniforms, a Caledon kilt outfit made by Lady Amber. Here we all are cheering Miss Paris (accompanied by Mr. Vollmar) on during the opening lap, walked by survivors and caregivers. While I awaited my turn next lap, I danced a jig back at the campsite with the Mirandas--who had come out to support the runners. Once I got started on the track, I had a chance to see some really fantastic sims like the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea...
And keeping with that theme, later I looked down into the Center of the Earth...
I took a pause at the Tomb Raider sim to admire the sunset...

SL Relay for Life Day 1: A Long Rewarding Road

I walked the track like a meditation labyrinth through the 32 sims, thinking about the past few months and hopeful for the future now...You just have to have a gigantic monster destroying a town sim...you just have to...
After almost 2 hours non-stop and non-crash , I finally made it back to the main Caledon campsite, where much "HOOOO!"ing and dancing was going on...I had seen some fantastic things. Some touching things too...like the folks who were lined up along one sim saluting as I went past, or another where they cheered. I can only hope that others felt as good coming through the Caledon campsite to see all of us "Hoooo"ing like mad for them. To know that folks took the time to create all of this and come out, means so much. I needed a minute by myself when I first came back and then, all I wanted to do was strap on some ice skates and take a twirl on the ice. Mr. Margulis joined me, looking lovely in his not-so-secret Miranda Society uniform...
And of course later we raved into the night at Carntaigh! Miss Laval in the house! Here I am with the Tartans (Mr. Margulis, Mr. Drinkwater and Sir Zen) dancing with me...mind you, I didn't have my flaming torch yet and yes, it turned into one of those Caledon parties...What a day!

Friday, July 27, 2007

A Shining Little Hope

On the eve of the SL Relay for Life event, I just have some things I need to say and will break "character" here for a moment:
Mom, I love you...you've been so brave over these past few months. We were so scared and uncertain at first, but your courage and optimism helped to set the standard for me and the rest of us. It was because of your strength that we realized moving forward was the only direction that one could go. Despite it all, we have still been able to laugh.

Uncle Jack and Uncle John...I love and miss you both so much...Rose, you are missed too...

This is why people...This is why.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dragon's Light and A Turkey Spin

Major Margulis gave me a tour of his lovely Dragon's Light estate in the Cay today. There's a horrible shipwreck on its shore's rocks--all the more reason for a lighthouse. From the top of it I could see my shop in Mayfair! We "Hoooo"d and howled and even danced a jig. He only made me swoon...twice. I know, I know...my, where's my fan? Lady Heron said that I probably shouldn't see him again until a new shipment of smelling salts comes in. Sigh.I thought I'd visit Port Caledon. I bounced around on the trampolines and took a twirl on a turkey. Uggghhh...I wasn't feeling very well afterwards...

What is that in the water over there??? Is that Nessie?!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

An Interesting Night

The aliens decided to return, this time to Steelhead. Of course I had a spectacular crash just as I was shooting at one. We all gathered for a report of "all clear." Afterwards, Miss G and I went to Tam and she showed me her pretty Dun Ringill home. We ended up at the Anvil, where I had a mug of whisky as the two of us sat in our hats and spectacles comparing rifles and taking random shots. Nothing like the combination of a little "water of life" and weaponry!
Despite both of our best intentions to turn in for the evening we ended up in a lively conversation with folks in Eyre at Miss Tombola's, where that Mr. Barthelmess made an appearance. What is he up to I wonder? I ended my night with a lovely ballroom dance twirl on the roof of Mr. G. Hax's gallery.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Crash, Crash, Crash...

I have been crashing for three days now. It seems I was not the only one--which was a relief--and sat commiserating about it with Miss Gustafson and Mr. Hax in their Eyre home's back garden. Joining us were Mr. Smashcan, Mr. Mesmer and Miss Paris. I would have posted a picture, but poor Mr. Hax was horribly ruthed. I took care of some things that I needed to do in-world and rode Flashy across Caledon from Mayfair to Tamrannoch--somewhere that I realized I do not spend a lot of time in at all.

Tired from my ride, I sat down at the rather quiet Anvil. I watched and listened to the tram going around, and was just enjoying the peaceful quiet there as the sun was setting. I decided to have some Bellambi Whisky. Given the days I've had recently dealing with all of this crashing nonsense, I'd say that I needed it! Slainte!

Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Official! I'm a Regency Landowner!

All's paid and done...

I will have a nice little piece of Caledon in Regency across from the Hospital. I am so giddy I could dance a jig!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Reserved in Regency

Here I am with the Guvnah after choosing and reserving my parcel in Regency. I must have crashed a ridiculous amount of times just trying to get to the Mansion! Seeing who a lot of my neighbors are...I am going to have a lot of fun there!

Many Compliments

Thanks to the crashing good time I have been having today, I missed the pet competition at the fair. I was able to make the compliments duel between Col. Somme and Mr. Drinkwater, their seconds being Sir Hotspur and Sir Zen respectively. Wonderful words flowed between them, but the Colonel emerged the victor. What made it even sweeter was that his wife, Miss Christensen, told us all of their 17th anniversary today. I almost pulled out my handkerchief to dab my eyes. Congrats on both counts!Lady Heron and I somehow managed to dress alike...again. I do believe we are going to have to create a schedule or something. However, we consider this dress the unofficial uniform of our Compulsive Swooners club. Feel free to join if fashion, tight corsets, and handsome gentlemen make you do so. Speaking of handsome gentlemen, we could not help but whisper to each other about Maj. Margulis in one of my ensembles. Someone get the smelling salts...
And somehow...despite all of my crashing, I still managed to dance. Amazing how that works, no?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Flinging Oneself & Caledon Silliness

The Caledon SLRFL Fair opened in Carntaigh today and I thought I'd try out the trebuchet catapult with Miss Paris and Miss Gustafson.Soon we were flinging ourselves on horses, on large balls, and with our pets attached. Sometimes we were successful. Others? Kersplat.
Later there was a flash rave in Carntaigh. All sorts of silliness. Lots of particle lights, a flaming pitchfork, whirling lightsticks, green fairy staggerings, Tartan sightings, and silly hats such as my rabbity hat (which I got at my first Caledon party ever)--and especially a checked jester hat from Miss Paris that everyone had on at one point.
One of the things I love about Caledon is that despite our general politeness and smart dressing, we know how to have lots of fun. Often very silly fun. Some might find it annoying, but I love the Caledon "Hoooo!" I was so tickled when Mr. Margulis gave it to me that I didn't know what to do as I've wanted to be able to do the "Hoooo!" for quite a while. To me, it's an expression of general delight or exclamation over something and is applicable to many things. It's something that I regard as uniquely Caledonian...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Caledon Mines and Weapons Preview

Sir Tele and I saddled up Flashy and Beonarges to go to the Moors and visit the Cavorite Mines, as I had not been before. We roamed the dark interior, marveling at its sights. At one point, he ate a small piece of cavorite (why I do not know) and I feared poisoning or something to that effect. Thoughts of having to call Dr. Bloodwing crossed my mind, but he was fine. Those Highlanders are made of rather strong stuff indeed...What are these strange carvings upon the wall of the abyss? Has an invasion such as the one Caledon recently experienced happened before?

Sir Tele gave me a set of the weapons similar to those that will be at the Caledon Academy of Weaponry (or whatever its future name shall be). I have seen pictures of the bows, short sword and war hammer and they are exquisite. I am looking forward to them and would like to thank Mr. Tharkis for creating them for us! Here I am with my shield and short sword. Nothing like my practicing blocking, kicking, and sword moves to scandalize my nearby Mayfair neighbors--and in a beautiful dress no less...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

E.Laval Haberdasher NOW OPEN!!!

E. Laval Haberdasher, is now open for business...I realized I had not formally announced it!

Hospital Fundraiser and A Mysterious Stranger

We were all having a wonderful time partying in Steelhead at the Bloodwing Foundation fundraiser for the new hospital soon to be built in the new Regency sim. Dr. Bloodwing will now be able to better serve the citizens of Caledon and the Colonial Districts. Lady Pearse's cake was quite fantastic!

And then entered a mysterious stranger, a certain Mr. Jobias Barthelmess, who had many questions--too many if you ask me--especially regarding Sheriff Ortega. In his journal, the Sheriff tells stories about this gentleman from the Old Country that can make one positively shiver. This Barthelmess has a black heart indeed...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Baube, Airships and Rifles

Here is my little sister Baube Laval, looking demure while upstairs at the shop... I thought I'd visit Steelhead and was given a ride in a wonderful airship by Mr. Alexandre...
Miss Connolly...I'm ready to visit Tombstone now...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Relay for Life and Reality Check

I wasn't at the militia RP, and I've heard a lot about what did or didn't transpire there. I would just like to say this: Do not lose sight of what it was really for.

One of the first persons I met as a new Caledon resident was Miss Paris, Caledon's Relay for Life team leader and a 3-year survivor. At the Steampunk Expo, we both got a chance to really talk about why RFL was important and I joined the team right then and there. Why is it so important to me? In RL, my mother is finishing radiation treatment for breast cancer as we speak and I lost an uncle that I loved very much to prostate cancer. I'm proud to be a "Hare Raiser" and our hardworking team and those who have been supporting this cause should be very proud as well. Caledon's SLRFL has raised over $1000000L and I am looking forward to doing my time on the track next weekend on July 27-28.

This morning, Miss Paris sent out a group notice to the team that a fellow SLRFL team captain, Stori Knopfli, lost her battle with the disease this morning.

We might fight aliens. We might fight one another. But there are even bigger battles that are being fought...

Steampunk Photo Contest Winners Up!

Two out of my three photos made it into the Steampunk photo exhibit at the Grignano Photography Studio! "Babbage Sunset" (bottom row, 2nd from rt on left wall) and "Steam Bunny on the Move."

Mr. Hax placed 4th, and I'm the subject of one of his wonderful sepia-toned pictures, as well as Miss Kelley. The electricity looks so exciting going around me, doesn't it? There are wonderful photos there. Do go see them! The show runs until August 4!

Monday, July 16, 2007

A Busy Caledon Day!!

I was still in a sour mood from the night before, lol, so I thought I'd have a sip at the Chaiwallah Curry & Tea Shop two doors over from my shop...I cheered up quickly when joined by my friend Mr. Jun, who was the model for my "Eomer" waistcoat...
Later I attended a pirate themed party for the SL Bloggers group (Yarrr! Me Mateys). Sir Hotspur's a lot of fun to party with! After that, I went to a rooftop auction for Relay for Life with very interesting items including being a Tartan for a day (I love the Tartans! Something about men in kilts gets me every time)...
And ended my evening dancing until the last song at Jarl Paderdorn's Radio Riel party in Wyre! I'm definitely not in a bad mood anymore! Whew am I tired!