Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chatting in Kitti

I've been pretty busy today, scrambling around Caledon taking photos of my friends for the shop. After taking my last shot of the day--catching the last rays of sun in Kittiwick--I hopped up onto a barrel near the Salty Mermaid to enjoy the breezes off the water. Of course Mr. Magellan had to tease me about my being so slow with my shop's opening. Quality takes time folks! That would make him literally the 5th person today to ask.


Miss Paris told us about how the militia roleplay was going. I'm going to have to stop through the blue team camp since I heard about cookies there. Miss Discovolante, Mr. Magellan and I joked about starting the "LSU"--Lazy Shopkeepers Union, until we realized if that was the case, we'd be too lazy to even form one. Miss Gustafson stopped by my shop earlier and gave me a crate with glass bottles I can shoot. Turns out I'm a bit of a crack shot with a pistol. The two of us really must have pie sometime soon! She told me their camp (red team) had ice cream. Decisions, decisions...

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Diamanda Gustafson said...

I must correct myself madame, on the matter of ice cream, and say that by examining it further it appeared to be a parfait. And a rather yummy one!

Stop by any time! We have lots of targets to shot at!