Thursday, July 5, 2007

Adventures in Eyre

Mr. Otsuzum invited me for a morning horseback ride to Eyre. While I waited in Kittiwick, I talked shop--literally, as in shops and shopkeeping--among other things, with Miss Gustafson, Mr. Magellan, and Miss Discovolante. Mr. Magellan previewed a new uniform commission for us and I rather liked its deep dark blue. He called us "bloodthirsty" when the conversation turned to weaponry, which only confirmed my earlier theory about well-armed Caledonian women. Watch out gents. Watch out.

Mr. Otsuzum arrived and we rode through Tanglewood en route. I love Tanglewood's trees and wild forest beauty. Upon arriving in Eyre, we chatted with Mr. Amplebeak Tinlegs, who is creating a public park next to Caliber House. I'm sure that it will prove to be lovely. We went in and out of every shop and particularly enjoyed Mr. Deadlight's fantastic industrial property. He had given me permission to explore it and I finally did--going up and down its ramps and hatches and getting lost in its lower rooms. It is an amazing place!

We ended our visit with the two of us ballroom dancing in the rooftop garden of Mr. Hax's gallery. I can not wait to have a portrait done, but he will not be ready until August! What a wonderful day I had.


Diamanda Gustafson said...

Blood thirsty and proud of it! :D

Eladrienne Laval said...

Same here! LOL!

Telemachus said...

Sir Tele smiles very broadly.

I am happy to see the women of Caledon armed...this is only the beginning :)

My love to you both.