Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dragon's Light and A Turkey Spin

Major Margulis gave me a tour of his lovely Dragon's Light estate in the Cay today. There's a horrible shipwreck on its shore's rocks--all the more reason for a lighthouse. From the top of it I could see my shop in Mayfair! We "Hoooo"d and howled and even danced a jig. He only made me swoon...twice. I know, I, where's my fan? Lady Heron said that I probably shouldn't see him again until a new shipment of smelling salts comes in. Sigh.I thought I'd visit Port Caledon. I bounced around on the trampolines and took a twirl on a turkey. Uggghhh...I wasn't feeling very well afterwards...

What is that in the water over there??? Is that Nessie?!

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