Tuesday, July 10, 2007

RFL Militia Roleplay

I'm a Caledon RFL "Hare Raiser" team member, so Miss Paris invited me to the Falling Anvil in Tamrannoch to see what was going on with the upcoming militia roleplay. I sat with Lady Pearse and Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel, as we watched mad cows, a militiaman from beyond the grave, an ostrich, chicken guns, and endured many bad egg jokes...

Quick Facts About the Caledon RFL Militia Roleplay

Issue: Crack the boiled egg at the small end (red team) or the large end (blue team)?
Challenge: Loser pays 100K to RFL
When: Afternoon of Saturday, July 14, time TBD
Red Team: led by Sir Edward Pearse (camp: Loch Avie)
Blue Team: led by Col. Mordecai Scaggs (camp: Tanglewood)
Also assisting: Admiral Carricre Wind
Caledon Red Cross: Lady Lavendar, Miss Figaro, Mr. Yoshiwara
Weapons: TBD, silly ones?...although the medics aren't quite so convinced

I'm just a neutral member of the "press." All in good fun and for a good cause.

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