Friday, November 30, 2007

Loch Avie Ceilidh & Cape Messmer Vernes Display

I put on my Caledon tartan gown that I whipped up and attended the Ceilidh at Loch Avie...There was a very nice turnout as we all danced...
But I was in a "mood" and decided to leave early to quietly work on my project at Cape Messmer in Morgaine. I have created a Vernes "From the Earth to the Moon" display and created a replica of the Melies space capsule. Do visit it and step inside! There is so much more to come!

St. Andrews Day Events in Loch Avie

Today Caledon celebrated St Andrews Day in Loch Avie. That confounded Mr. Matova managed to pounce me during practice for the caber toss!There was a very good turnout and the Duke Regent Kintyre claimed the trophy...
Even George the wild haggis came out to watch!
Later, there was a tournament of champions in the sky arena with the duchies of Loch Avie (Col. O'Toole), Carntaigh (Lord Primbroke), Murdann (Lady Dia), Cymru (Lord Vid) and Kintyre (who was represented by a skilled drow fighter by the name of Alex Fitzsimmons) competing. The finals came down to Murdann and Kintyre...
With Kintyre winning the tourney. They were well-fought battles indeed!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Caledon Morgaine Officially Open!

Huzzah! Caledon Morgaine was officially opened tonight! Here is a snapshot of Professor Messmer looking rather dignified on what is now officially Cape Messmer. The Cape Messmer Aether Labs will be an interesting place to visit indeed. So much to prepare for it!
What you do not see is a photo of my gleefully running around the lab going "Hoooooooooooo!" The professor said it would probably take a machinima to capture it instead. Long live Caledon! Huzzah!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Leather and Lace Metal Dance!!!

I have been waiting for Edwina's Leather & Lace Metal Dance for weeks, since it was rescheduled due to the Kintyre handfasting earlier this month. We had a good turnout at Coughton Court and it was a whole lot of fun! Here I am in both leather and lace. By popular request, "Problem Child" was played for me...Ha ha! Who? Me? Nooo...
Dia enjoyed spinning metal favorites so much that she extended it for another hour!
Mr Webb came and danced in full dragon form. Even the Guvnah wanted to hear some metal and shocked us when he popped in for a second (GAH! LM storm!)!!! We all had a great time!

Skeeter's Flight Log: Connolly's Crazies

Some of Connolly's Crazies were gathered at the Aerodrome. Air Chief Biggles was playing a round of En Garde with Miss Pamus "Soapy" Bing as Pilot Officer CronoCloud "Maven" Creegan, Air Chief Phineas "Liftoff" Messmer and I watched. Biggles then went on to demonstrate Mr Denver hax's new bombs...I thought that I would try out my new Frederickson Airships wonderfully steampunky Flight Hawk. This was my longest flight to date! Once I got the controls down, I was in the air for over 15 minutes despite the rolling restarts that were literally taking out Caledon sims to the left and right of me. Quite harrowing, but the Hawk handled well. I do like this one! Now, I just need to learn how to land it...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Skeeter's Flight Log: The Caledon Triangle

There is a three -sim region in Caledon that has become known to us in the RCAF as the "Caledon Triangle". This includes the new sim of Morgaine, its sim crossing into Wellsian, and the waters of Murdann. If an intrepid pilot can escape its mysterious way of crashing one's air vehicle, then all the better for them...Alas, I--in my Terra Nieuport--was not so lucky...

Delicious Temptations at the Town Meeting

Even though Steelhead town meetings always have a great turnout, incentives were set out anyway: champagne, pizza, and just to tempt O'toole (who was unable to make it tonight)--pie, lots of pie. And of course you have to have a kitty on the table who needs to be nosy...Two of Steelhead's newest citizens, the Duke of Murdann and Miss Eugenia Burton joined us. Even most of the Mason family showed...
Steelhead Harborside is almost half-filled now, but there are still lots open! If you're interested--and it sohuld be a beautiful sim--do contact TotalLunar Eclipse for more information!

Monday, November 26, 2007

At Cape Messmer

While surveying the land from the bluffs at Cape Messmer in Morgaine, I could finally see the sim map grids and that meters had been set out...I always meet the most interesting folks at the Aerodrome complex! Here is Mr Mezz Lykin, showing us his galvanic portable telephonic communications unit that is run by "cell" batteries. We speculated as to the possibility of it weighing less than 80 lbs and possibly even being handheld one day!
A few young ladies, two from a parallel future, arrived in a Boomslang airship. They wondered if females were allowed to participate in the RCAF and were rather excited to find out that I was a pilot and our Commander is female as well. I told them women figure most prominently in Caledon's society and its military and that they would be most welcome!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Radi Riel at Alcatraz

Radio Riel's Sunday night party was at the Alcatraz in Jazzer's Paradise, where Dia played great rock music as we all danced...Towards the end we even broke out a Greek line dancing set! What fun!

Tiny Trashtalking Football Fans

I now know that tinies are the biggest trashtalkers in SL. I found out first-hand at the recent football match against the Raglan Shire Tiny Terrors! Here I am sitting with the ref, Mr Awor Blabbermouth...Their cheerleaders were rallying the crowd, and occasionally flashed a little leg to try to distract the "tall-ies"...For all of the trashtalk, they were able to back it up and won the game, score 6-2. I had so much fun Hoooo'ing and playing the bagpipe sound, but I think it was my crazy cheers that were a riot...Elle's Best Trashtalk Cheers:
1. "You might be tiny...You think you're cute...Don't catch the end of a tall boot! GOOOO CALEDON!!!"
2. " ain't got no alibi, you're TINY! Yeahyeah! You're tiny! GOOOO CALEDON!!!"
3. "Clap your hands, stomp your feet, Caledon can not be beat! GOOOO CALEDON!!!"
4. "Strawberry shortcake, banana split, Raglan your team plays like ----!!! GOOOO CALEDON!!!"

It was all in very good fun and they gave it right back ("Kill the tall ones!!!" "That's right, take your bagpipes and MARCH ON HOME!!!")!!
Afterwards I popped through the Paws & Whiskers Pub to say "Congrats" before playing the Caledon bagpipe music and tp'ing to the Salty Mermaid, ha-HA! I love Raglan. Great game, Terrors!

Skeeter's Flight Log: Now THAT'S a Crash!

Last night I flew my Cubey Terra tiny-sized Cricket and went down in Middlesea's waters, my plane lost. This is the message I got telling me where it ended up:

Your object 'Eladrienne Laval's Terra Cricket 1.0' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Mineralogical Society from parcel 'Cavorite Mines and Praeternatural Mineralogical Society' at Caledon Moors 58.9883, 253.743 due to parcel auto return.

Oh my!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A New Sim Emerges

One of the most interesting things you will ever witness in Caledon is the development of a new sim. I could not help but look on in awe at the new floating mountain as the Guvnah laid down the railroad tracks and flew about...And as I stood on the Cape Messmer bluffs overlooking the lands below it, all I could think was "This is going to be spectacular!"
I then saw Mr Gerami Fizz and the Guvnah creating a bridge for the railroad. I shall let the photos speak for themselves...

Victorian Decorative Arts and Sugar Rushes

Many of us gathered in Port Caledon for the first part of Mr Offcourse's very interesting Victorian Decorative Arts presentation. For someone interested in history and architecture such as myself, I found it fascinating. I was quite glad to have my bonnet, cape, muff, and velvet dress as it was rather cold out...Later I put on my grey assistant's dress and headed over to the Messmer Labs in Penzance, where Prof. Messmer showed me his latest projects...
To celebrate, caramel crunches were set out, and have now been banned from the lab. To find out why and more about my first day in the lab, you may read more HERE.
Prof. Messmer joined me at the Gaeity Theatre in Penzance for the other half of the Decorative Arts presentation. Miss Persephone Gallindo, lead designer of Penzance spoke about texture usage and Mr Offcourse demonstrated texture and sculptie techniques. It was very well-done and informative. Bravo to them both!
We then walked down the road to the Aerodrome, where I hopped into my new Cubey Terra Nieuport, which is fast becoming the air vehicle of the RCAF. However, upon looking at the end of the runway into Morgaine, I saw the Guvnah flitting about. Visions of hitting the new Morgaine floating mountain or worse--the Guvnah--popped into my head. "I believe we should hold off for a while?" Air Chief Messmer suggested. "Yes," I said, watching the Guvnah zoom by. "That would be best for now..."

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Leftovers in Steelhead

The Steelhead Friday night dance had a Thanksgiving leftovers theme and we all turned out to the Hotel & Ballroom to dance and laugh...Mr Pinion and Ms Qinan came in matching Pilgrim ensembles...
Here I am dancing with Dr Mason, who became a bit overcome by the Spark towards the dance's end...eyes glazing over, an intense need to build...Oh my?
One of the entries in the "Create A Meal" contest...
But Steelhead's newest citizen, the Duke of Murdann, won it for arriving as his own form of leftovers--in pink Tupperware containers...
Afterwards I skated around and around and around in the frozen pond. Not really thinking...just gliding along...

First Snow in Caledon and an Exhibit

I shall have to have my maid to go through my wardrobe trunks as I do believe my winter clothes are now needed. Upon coming downstairs today in Regency, I saw that Caledon had indeed had its first snow. Winter is upon us...I was standing almost knee high in it at Capt. Koba's as it fell from the sky...
Later, I spoke with Mr Enoch about the development of a new tiny air vehicle for me. Exciting!
I attended an exhibit of photographic cartes de visites ("calling cards") by Mr. Bram Elephas at the Gallery at Camazotz. Quite a lovely display from his family's RL collection of Victorian and Edwardian cards. Do visit Mr Elephas' exhibit, as I enjoyed it a lot.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends out there...Infernal gobblers of Caledon, your day of reckoning has finally arrived!

Caledon Morgaine, Pipin' Hot!

Here I am in my plane flying over Morgaine, fresh out of the LL oven! I can not wait to see what this will look like once it is terraformed and the amazing levitating mountain is added!My only problem was that upon hitting the sim crossing, I lost my wonderful plane--which was unfortunately no copy(!!!!) This is a situation that most of us have encountered at some point whether on land, air or sea. I am a designer and merchant myself, so I understand protecting one's work, but please vehicle designers--no copy equals a problem when sim crossings and full parcels make vehicle travel so unpredictable! Mod/Copy or No Mod/Copy is fine as long as it is no transfer! Arrrrgh!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Caledon Screamin' Tinies of the RCAF

Who knew I that am a MUCH better pilot as a tiny?!While talking to Air Marshal "Foxy" Connolly, we discussed the creation of a tiny air squadron for the Royal Caledon Air Force and I suggested a name for it (I seem to have a knack for that!)...
You're looking at Flight LT Elle "Skeeter" Laval of the Caledon Screamin' Tinies squadon!Don't let my pretty dress from earlier fool you...Air Chief Marshal "Biggles" Trenton remarked upon my propensity for mayhem and love of explosive things. Here I am standing next to my plane...
While we were all chatting, Mr Izaea Qinan stopped through to show us a creation to consider after he tweaks it to more steampunk standards. It was quite a nice vehicle. I wonder how it handles...