Friday, November 23, 2007

First Snow in Caledon and an Exhibit

I shall have to have my maid to go through my wardrobe trunks as I do believe my winter clothes are now needed. Upon coming downstairs today in Regency, I saw that Caledon had indeed had its first snow. Winter is upon us...I was standing almost knee high in it at Capt. Koba's as it fell from the sky...
Later, I spoke with Mr Enoch about the development of a new tiny air vehicle for me. Exciting!
I attended an exhibit of photographic cartes de visites ("calling cards") by Mr. Bram Elephas at the Gallery at Camazotz. Quite a lovely display from his family's RL collection of Victorian and Edwardian cards. Do visit Mr Elephas' exhibit, as I enjoyed it a lot.

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