Monday, November 19, 2007

The Amazing Miss Malaprop!

While caught up in SL weirdnesses, I thought I'd try to tp to Ordinal Enterprises. I had just bought the new Flick Knife (ooo!) and Galvanic Swordstick (aah!), when who should walk from the back of the shop but Miss Ordinal Malaprop herself!!I had never met Miss Malaprop before and have always had a very short list of folks in Caledon that I was dying to meet (besides Des, of course!) . She was at the top on my list due to her wit, sheer talent, and creativity. She is very down to earth and a pleasure to talk to. We commiserated about SL's current sorry state of affairs (I couldn't attach all of my clothing and she was nervous about leaving the shop as tps and logins were crazy...) She had just finished making one of her machinima for the swordstick and was more than happy to demonstrate it for me...
You should hear the sound effects on it!

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