Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tiny Terror Twosome and Love Stinks!

After a trip to Raglan Shire, Lord and I came back to Regency and much shouting back and forth with Eds. Oh dear, quite a long, crazy and funny story involving my gift pony (see below) and a certain otter (also see below)?Either way, we all ended up at Heron's Nest in Kitti where I was happy to swing...
...and slide. You just don't know how much fun I have as a tiny!
Dia came to join us all and we had a good time hanging out and dancing...I got a tp from Kira and we were all off to Speirling for her "Love Stinks" rave with appropriate songs for the occasion! I'll just say that love "can" stink, but when it's's like perfume and roses. *sighs dreamily as she thinks of someone*

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