Monday, November 12, 2007

Scenes from a Shoot and a New Mayfair Park

Mr Jaksoi Pak, upon a chance meeting Saturday, asked if he could create a portrait of me. I joke that I am "Elle, Steampunk Supermodel", so how could I refuse? No, no really, I consider it quite an honor actually and I am very excited about it! Here is a behind the scene photo of one of the shots for it..."You want me to look in what direction?" I was glad I wasn't going to fall off of the platform. Doing a photo shoot is rather hard work, but it was tremendous fun! I do look forward to seeing it next week and as I know that he will do an excellent job, I can not wait!
I went to my neighborhood of Mayfair afterwards and Baron Bardhaven has erected a park in honor of his second RezDay. Congrats to you and the park is lovely!

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