Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bunnehs That BITE

Dame Lapin announced the opening of an exhibit of Mr Denver Hax's steampunk (and flaming turkey) creations, so I went to the Tanglewood Bunneh Hutch where I had the pleasure of meeting artist and creator of the Wheatfields and Marat installations, Mr AM Radio...Dame Lapin gave us dire warnings about visiting Mr. Hax's cave of the vorpal bunny...
But of course, we all had to go see for ourselves. Fangs aside, it didn't seem all that menacing as it sat on its little pedestal. Aw, the cute little bunny-wunny! AAAIIIGGGH!!!! Did it just BITE Dame Lapin?!
What the...?!!!! Did it just bite ME?!
Next thing I knew I was in the air somewhere over the Highlands!
Remember ladies and gents, if you have to read a disclaimer before visiting a bunny--it is not going to be good (for you!)


Violet Schnabel said...

*nods grimly and whispers*

They're terrible creatures aren't they?

The...vorpal bunnies....I- I can't talk about it....*sniff*

Eladrienne Laval said...

Oh...my...quite a horrifying critter it is!

Denver Hax said...

And you will never open a hutch door again without thinking.......

Some Bunnies are more equalised than others.

The number of minions I lost getting that thing in the first place, ah well.