Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Nefarious Mr. S.

Of course, I was none too pleased after my chloroforming the other day and with everything going on with RegencyFest, I was too busy to pursue it further. Upon checking my store inventory, I realized I was missing a black paisley waistcoat ensemble. Nick. Chloroform me and steal from me? Grrrrr... I asked some low friends in lower places his whereabouts and found him in the lowest of all...beneath Vic City stirring up things in the opium den. This time I just pulled out my knife-pistol and decided to ask questions later. Everyone scattered as I levelled it at him, taking a shot and a slash. In the commotion, he got away from me, running off into the tunnels.Yes, that's his blood on the rug...and if you knew him like I do, you will wish that I got him.

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