Wednesday, September 12, 2007

In the Navy...Somehow!

What started out as a leisurely sail with my Regency neighbor Captain Koba, ended up with me calling pirates "fiends" and manning the cannons of the HGS Zaneta! Capt. Koba and I met with Admiral Wind, Capt. Trenton, and other assorted naval personages gathered at the Sound before the naval battles were to begin. When Capt. Trenton asked for a volunteer to be on his crew, I thought, "Why not?"My task? Simple. Man the cannons and blast 'em when they got close. I figured I could manage that and tried my best to keep them in my sight!
But while we did damage to their ship, the Zaneta took too many hits and was incapacitated *cough cough*
Dash it! We were boarded! I had not figured upon this when accepting! How dare Mr. Abel and Mr Enoch point weapons at me! "We'll take her aboard!" they said, nodding towards their ship. I looked at my captain and pulled out my knife-pistol. They were messing with the wrong lady...
In the second battle, we went up against the pirates and despite our best efforts, they managed to defeat us, and Capt. Trenton and I went down with the Zaneta. Grrrr. Our colleague got off some shots and got the pirate ship, but only at the cost of his own. We could only watch as he saluted, and went down. It seems my handy ways with a cannon made Capt. Trenton invite me to join the Caledon Navy. Never figured myself for a military type, but this is never know what will happen next.


Sin T. said...

Ms. Laval,
You fought like a true Caledonian and we are proud to have you aboard!

And we get that pirate Zhao.. next time.

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

I saw that massive (wooden?) ship off the point of Cymru the other day. Danken Sie Gott she's flying The Tartan - I don't have access to any of my Airborne squadrons from here.