Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Boat Racing in the Firth!

Last night I had the pleasure to view Caledon's first regatta in the Firth! Here, I joined the onlookers on the glass platform (along with those in their air vehicles) as Miss Chrysocolla Rau and Countess Tammas are lined up ready to start!Miss Rau crossed the finish line with a winning time of 18:14...
And here is the sailing race winner, Miss Rau, with regatta organizer (along with Capt. Trenton), His Grace, the Duke of Murdann...
Afterwards, Sir Hotspur (left), and Lord Edward (right) raced each other in the steam race. Lord Edward won in his extremely fast ship, which was able to submerge as well. We onlookers were laughing very hard as they started before the countdown and joked that we'd add two minutes to their times. Competitive? Those two? Nooooo...
Now, everyone, THESE little sailboats below are takos. Lady Amber, Miss Rau, Lady Dia and I (I'm in the Caledon one) decided to run an informal race with one another. I had a slow start (sails issues) and was second for quite a while, but around the bend at Lionsgate Lady Amber raised her spinnaker and overtook me near the Speirling Isles! Admiral Wind called it for us and gave us all gifts afterwards, which was very nice! That was a lot of fun and I'll run today's as well!


Julian's blog said...

Dear A Stroll Through Caledon:
I find those images so appealing visually.
Are they prints or paintings?

Desmond Shang said...


They are images of a place that one can... how to explain it... live in.

Sounds crazy, but... do come and join us if you like.

More information scattered around in this blog and others.

By the way, the timeline is a bit muddled - a tad hard to explain, but a top hat and waistcoat wouldn't be out of style...

Warm regards,

Desmond Shang


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