Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Town Meeting: 6/30/09

I love Steelhead's town meetings. There really is something about a whole community coming together once a week like this.

To read about upcoming events and goings-on in Steelhead, click HERE.

Caledon Project: Day Five, Caledon Primverness

Her Grace CoyoteAngel Dimsum has been, to me, one of the more "reclusive" of Caledon's peerage. One of the original "First Four" duchesses, she is a private soul, but do not let that fool you. She has a fantastic sense of humor, loves to help the Caledon community and is generous to a fault. For two years, she has walked with me around the SL RFL track and also forgave yours truly for accidentally running her over with a mining cart once *coughs* Her duchy, Caledon Primverness and Lovelace Over the Sea, with its structures tucked in among the quiet, wild beauty below and with its floating airships above, is well worth the visit. You might even discover her burning tree--a vestige of the burning that took place across many of Caledon's sims in protest of the openspace policy that caused a lot of pain within the Caledon community--forcing some of the longtime duchy owners to decide to go elsewhere. To many longtime Caledon residents like me, that was quite a blow to our community to see it being uprooted so, but it is nice to see that many--like her--are still here.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Caledon Project: Day Four--Caledon Victoria City

All roads lead to Rome, they say. Well, in Caledon they all seem to start here in Caledon Victoria City. I know they did for me. For many,Vic City is their first exposure to Caledon. I remember that when I arrived there after putting "Victorian" into Search, I was awed by the buildings and intrigued by the shops and Guvnah's Mansion. While in the central yard, I met Miss Babs Zuta, whose RL aunt introduced her to SL. She told me that she liked how the buildings seemed so real and how she loved the clothing here. She was charming and as she is a relatively new resident and told me that she likes purple, she should find a gift from my shop delivered to her soon. I do hope that she enjoys it and wears it during her own Victorian explorations...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tinies Dogfighting in Steelhead!

Oh, the huge manatees! As you can see, my flying was a bit rusty!

In conjunction with the "Summer of Flight" aviation exhibit at the Steelhead Public Library organized by Miss Riven Homewood and Mr Nichus Bermann, planes of all eras are out on display at the Ballroom and there will be a Tinies Dogfight in Steelhead Port Harbor on Wednesday, July 1!

The main dogfight will be at 7 pm SLT, but there will be an overseas-friendly one at 1pm SLT as well. Free tiny aircraft by Cornelius Fanshaw will be provided and everyone is welcome. Just bring your bravery and your tiny self!

Caledon Project to Resume Soon

The Caledon Project series will resume on Monday, June 29 with a visit to Caledon's "capital", Caledon Victoria City.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hustle & Bustle in Steelhead

Sheriff Fuzz found Lunar and me sitting on the curb outside of the Hotel after setting up the aviation display in conjunction with the Library's exhibit. We must have been looking rather forlorn as he said something about us loitering. I suggested that if we were panhandling, that would have been a problem, and we promptly asked him for a few lindens. You can guess what his answer was...
We ended up on the pier docks in the Tackle Company shop at the Steelhead Navy's Recruitment Center in Port Harbor. I really enjoyed building the Cannery Row-inspired structures and Lunar speaks more on that HERE. I was creating a "Made in Steelhead" crate that can be placed around. If you'd like your own free copy of it, do visit the Offices...And in preparation for the tinies dogfight event in Port Harbor on July 1, Lunar created a rather fantastic floating runway. Zoe joined Lunar, Tensai and me as it was being constructed...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Steelhead Town Meeting: June 23

At the Steelhead town meeting, I announced the tinies dogfight on July 1 in Port Harbor. I believe it will be a lot of fun. There will be free tiny aircraft (By Cornelius Fanshaw) provided and should be a lot of fun. For more Steelhead events and goings-on in the meeting, please click HERE.Phin and his sister Zoe, have been quite a help with the dogfight and I showed him the site where the runway will be located.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Caledon Project: Chat with Laird Brideswell of Rothesay

Elrik Merlin, Laird Brideswell, is an old friend of mine from my days as a Radio Riel hostess. I sat down with him in the spacious study of his Rothesay mansion for a chat. He discovered Caledon in June 2007 in search of airships and ended up with the Nautilus (by TracyLynne Carpenter)—that is currently moored over his home. “I had also picked up a little pedal airship and using that, I circumnavigated Caledon by following the coastline for a few days and loved the place,” he said. He acquired his first land in Wellsian in Sept. 2007, after a chance meeting with Mr Podruly Peccable at the Guvnah’s Mansion.

He has never taken the ducal title. “‘Laird’ simply means 'Landowner'. Despite having a larger house than I did in Wellsian, that's all I am really. I have no particular pretensions to aristocracy,” he explained. “I think the Landed Gentry all predate me. I am more like the ‘nouveau riche’ steampunk quasi-industrialist I suppose.” I gently teased him about being a man of his own fortune.

On changes in Caledon:
“I think we were thrown by the openspace region controversy and that destabilised us and started trends that have continued, notably people moving away and leaving--and now perhaps even leaving SL altogether,” he said. “I still regard that as the major example of the Lindens shooting themselves in both feet that I've experienced since I've been inworld. I think we are still finding a dynamic equilibrium, but we've been shaken up.”

On factors and "destabilisers":
First, the openspace sim issue. Second, the RL recession, which he believes has made a lot of people are downsizing and cutting back on significant expenditures, and third--a sense of "moving on" in the air. He suspects that the rate of moving within Caledon is up quite a bit, but also people are going off and doing their own thing.

On the turnover in Rothesay itself:
"We are still in flux. I am the only original resident of Rothesay. I had offered to take 1/4 of it as a favor in case there weren't four Dukes to consolidate [into a full sim]. Otenth (former Duke of Murdann), came to me and suggested that I might like to buy out his interest, thus I inherited his Rothesay stake. Rather an expensive exercise all told, as I could have picked up an open region for nothing, but I am happy here...I am simply sad to see my neighbours changing and I hope we'll stabilise soon. All the people who have had a quadrant here have been lovely, but it would be nice to have a stable community.”

On his responsibility to the Caledon community as a duchy landowner:
“When I got Wellsian what I signed up for was not simply land, but an agreement to participate--by which I mean more than simply keeping to the Covenant and building and living in a way which keeps to our 'light roleplay' way of living here,” he said. “I felt that it was about maintaining Caledon' s standards and Des' vision. Doing the ‘right’ things in keeping with established standards of behaviour and giving back to my friends and neighbours and the community at large. I have primarily done that through the broadcast medium. When I am driving Radio Riel's Main stream, I am conscious of broadcasting to an audience that includes Caledon, even though it's a lot more than that now.”

He told me about receiving a letter around Christmas 2007 about how following Caledon’s approaches to etiquette and interpersonal behavior, we could actually positively impact our first lives. “We were kinder and more polite to people and would try to foster a positive attitude in some way about how we interact with people,” he said. “I definitely think SL in general, and Caledon in particular, has had a positive impact on my RL. I suppose I think one thing that it's my ‘duty’as a Caledonian to help to maintain and encourage that attitude, so newer residents experience the same benefits in both worlds as I have done.

“When I came here, we had something special, unique. I think we still have, though perhaps circumstances have battered it a bit. I would like us to keep that specialness and help to maintain it and pass on to newer residents the same feeling of belonging, support and atmosphere that I had when I came here,” he said. “Inevitably because I have gotten a lot more busy--inworld and out--since I arrived, I am not as closely involved with the daily life of Caledon as I was originally. These days I am more a part of its 'entertainment life' I suppose, but I'm still trying to do that. I’m still trying to be supportive to people who ask me things or turn up on my doorstep. I’m still trying to be polite and to contribute positively to the discussions.”

Laird Brideswell felt that there was something very important that others should know. “The kinds of people I meet and interact with here are some of the people I've met in my life who are closest to where I feel I am: Intelligent, creative, interesting, well-read, educated.... all the things I think of myself as being,” he said. “Here in Caledon, I have generally found myself among people of like mind. I don't always agree with them on certain issues of course, but they are people I can have an intelligent discussion with, and people from whom I more often than not learn a great deal. And I hope people say the same about me. As a result I would like to help perpetuate that.”

He continued: “I like to think that if you asked some of the figures in Caledon they would say that they feel I am a good citizen so to speak. I've tried to be a good Caledonian here and encourage the arts, the aesthetics that I came here for. Now, that is not to say that we do not develop and move on, but I am trying to maintain the Caledon I fell in love with back in mid-2007.”

Friday, June 19, 2009

Caledon Project, Day Three: Caledon Rothesay

Journal Entry, 19 June, Caledon Rothesay
Ah, duchies. I am laughing as I cross the border from Mayfair because there seem to be so many now that I have honestly lost track. I will admit that I have not been to Caledon Rothesay, well...since it became Caledon Rothesay. The last time I was here it was for Gabi's farewell to Carntaigh and I do not wish to dredge up whatever sore feelings that go along with that and the general turnover that happened a few months back. I have heard that this sim's four duchies--with the exception of Laird Brideswell's lot--has changed hands many times over at this point. It made me chuckle as I thought about Miss Jameson's wondering if it was "cursed." Now that would make for an interesting parcel. I'm having rather dark thoughts about lost souls wandering about in dark estates, but I digress...

It is currently owned by Her Grace Kiralette Kelley who is using a portion of her parcel for RFL; Her Grace Eleanor Anderton, who has lovely gardens; and the Duke and Duchess Mahana. Very pretty, very large estates here. I particularly enjoyed Laird Brideswell's Nautilus, which I remembered from Wellsian, and the Stone Circle on the hill. It seems like a nice place to sit and enjoy the scenery...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Caledon Project Day Two: Caledon Mayfair

Journal Entry, 17 June
Although I spend a lot of time at the lighthouse on the Firth with Phin, this is the first time that I have walked around the sim itself since selling my parcel here many months ago. It has an odd feeling of familiar, yet not. Like walking through memories. I used to spend so much time here and it was my first Caledon home. It is still very quiet...a sleepy residential sim with small shops. I always liked that about it. I came across Miss FrancesStevens Bravehart and had a conversation with her at the hub. She told me that she has been rezzing at that spot since she joined NCI. I asked her a question I will ask all that I come across: "What is compelling about Caledon to you?"

"The nice people," she told me. "I like to random tp and no matter yet where I go, I always come back here 'cause the folks I have met here are so helpful and friendly." Just before I walked away she added: "Oh, and another reason that I like being here is the sunset. Just standing here looking down the street...RL just washes away."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Caledon Project Day One: Caledon Penzance

Journal, Day One, 17 June
Penzance. Still rather lag-heavy. Is it the textures here? I've never quite understood why. It has always been this way. One of Caledon's most striking in layout and look, I know folks who either truly like it or are baffled by it. For me, I think Penzance is special, but the verdict is still out. I set out from the home that I share with Phin--the last of Miss Gallindo's original rowhomes. The shops are still well-maintained, as I believe they are protected and can not be altered. The Gaiety Theater is so lovely, but I always thought it was underused. The gazebo/pavilion in the middle of the sim is an improvement to me as it used to be a bare expanse of cobblestone. Wait...the open plaza is still here, but a quarter of the sim is now a garden wonderland by Antique Artistry. I stopped by the Connolly Aerodrome and took in the view from high on the hill. If you have not, you should. I am rather excited about what I will see and who I may meet. On to Mayfair!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Steelhead Town Meeting: 6/16

All of us gathered in Town Hall for the weekly meeting. For Steelhead events and to read more about what transpired during it, click HERE.

The Caledon Project

Two years ago on June 14, I started this aethernet journal as a way of documenting my travels through the 19th century historic sims of Second Life. It all started with literally a stroll through the sims of Caledon.

I have been giving an idea a lot of thought lately. "Caledon has gotten too big..." "The community isn't what it used to be..." I have even heard the word "Caledonization" used before to describe a veering off-theme in terms of look. These are all things that I have heard folks say. These are things I have often thought myself. I used to be more involved there. I am a founding resident of one of its sims. I used to know the streets and landmarks of Caledon like the back of my virtual hand. My own friends have dispersed from the nation, but I keep having this feeling...Caledon is compelling, and I know it is.

That is why I have decided to take a stroll through Caledon once more and look at it with a fresh eye. I'm putting on my travelling gear and will feature a different sim every day until I have been through them all. I will be starting from my home in Penzance and ending where it all began: Caledon I

The journey begins today.

Monday, June 15, 2009

1897 Historic Church Build in Harborside

I originally needed the other two parcels in Harborside for extra prims, but I really wanted to create something on them like the Post Office that everyone could use and enjoy. I said I wanted to do good things for Steelhead and I meant it. As you cross the bridge to the other side of Harborside, I built a little building based upon the RL historic 1897 Antelope Community Church in Antelope, OR...
With the exception of the shingles and foundation stones, I created all of the textures for this from scratch. This one is called the Harborside Museum, as I hope to have small exhibits about the Pacific Northwest and historic preservation there in the future. I also hope that it'll be used for another special purpose as well--bringing folks together in a positive way. I love the concept of "purpose to be announced." In general though, here are some interesting historic preservation links, both U.S. national and Pacific Northwest. Enjoy:

National Trust for Historic Preservation
Washington State Dept. of Archaeology and Historic Preservation
Washington Trust for Historic Preservation
Building Oregon: Architecture of Oregon & the Pacific NW (U. of Oregon Libraries)
Oregon State Historic Preservation Office

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Steelhead Town Meeting: June 9

We gathered for the weekly Steelhead town meeting in Town Hall. No chickenings or unusual antics to be reported...this time. For highlights of the meeting and upcoming Steelhead events, click HERE.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Primgraph Issue #6 Available

The latest issue of the Primgraph is available, featuring the steampunk community of New Babbage and articles of much interest to residents of the historic sims and those who appreciate them. You may read it by clicking on the link HERE or the issue cover above.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Rez Day Mrs P!

It's a busy time in Steelhead for RL birthdays and rez days! Mrs Peterman (Nabila Nadir) threw a Rez Day bash on the boat moored at the pier in Steelhead Port Harbor, as she is turning three...
Now, I arrived a bit late due to being a bit under the weather in RL. Given my own tendencies to wear burlesque outfits upon occasion, I was feeling a bit overdressed at one point--as I was in a full naval uniform..especially when I saw the "Cookie Girls" Genie and Miss Weatherwax dancing with a rather scantily clad jager. I would have changed, but eh, it was no matter and we all were thoroughly enjoying ourselves!

Although, I will admit--in keeping with my earlier statement about occasionally being less than fully dressed myself--that *mutters in a low voice* I provided his spare garment...My...what was that doing in my inventory? I do believe Lunar tried to gouge his eyes out with a curious spoon-fork combination called a "spork", but being elven and possessing remarkable regenerative properties, found himself unable to do so effectively.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Today was Sheriff Fuzz's RL birthday, so he had a steampunk pirates-themed party at the docks in Steelhead City...Our fave lycan spinning the tunes...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Steelhead Town Meeting: June 2

Phin attended last night's town meeting with me. In response to his wondering about the availability of carrots or carrot cake, Lunar rezzed all the carrot that we could handle...If you'd like to read more about Steelhead events and what transpired at the meeting, please peruse it HERE.

Afterwards, Tensai stopped by the Post Office to help me move my rental pole. I liked her dark goth kitty look...

Monday, June 1, 2009

RFL Purple Day

Today was Paint the Grid Purple Day for RFL, and all were asked to show support for it by wearing purple or decorating their lands/parcel in the color. I thought I'd stop by Dia's regular Monday night gig at Gearz in Boomtown.

I curled up on the nearby leather couch and enjoyed the company and music as I worked on some other projects. I've been a very busy brass kitty lately...