Monday, June 15, 2009

1897 Historic Church Build in Harborside

I originally needed the other two parcels in Harborside for extra prims, but I really wanted to create something on them like the Post Office that everyone could use and enjoy. I said I wanted to do good things for Steelhead and I meant it. As you cross the bridge to the other side of Harborside, I built a little building based upon the RL historic 1897 Antelope Community Church in Antelope, OR...
With the exception of the shingles and foundation stones, I created all of the textures for this from scratch. This one is called the Harborside Museum, as I hope to have small exhibits about the Pacific Northwest and historic preservation there in the future. I also hope that it'll be used for another special purpose as well--bringing folks together in a positive way. I love the concept of "purpose to be announced." In general though, here are some interesting historic preservation links, both U.S. national and Pacific Northwest. Enjoy:

National Trust for Historic Preservation
Washington State Dept. of Archaeology and Historic Preservation
Washington Trust for Historic Preservation
Building Oregon: Architecture of Oregon & the Pacific NW (U. of Oregon Libraries)
Oregon State Historic Preservation Office

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