Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Rez Day Mrs P!

It's a busy time in Steelhead for RL birthdays and rez days! Mrs Peterman (Nabila Nadir) threw a Rez Day bash on the boat moored at the pier in Steelhead Port Harbor, as she is turning three...
Now, I arrived a bit late due to being a bit under the weather in RL. Given my own tendencies to wear burlesque outfits upon occasion, I was feeling a bit overdressed at one point--as I was in a full naval uniform..especially when I saw the "Cookie Girls" Genie and Miss Weatherwax dancing with a rather scantily clad jager. I would have changed, but eh, it was no matter and we all were thoroughly enjoying ourselves!

Although, I will admit--in keeping with my earlier statement about occasionally being less than fully dressed myself--that *mutters in a low voice* I provided his spare garment...My...what was that doing in my inventory? I do believe Lunar tried to gouge his eyes out with a curious spoon-fork combination called a "spork", but being elven and possessing remarkable regenerative properties, found himself unable to do so effectively.

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