Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Mayor of Babbage Elected

In an official telegram from New Babbage, the mayoral election results were announced at Noon today:

"Dateline: Jan 31st 1881 (according to Mr. Jack) Babbage Square:


In What turned out to be a close election Mossveno Tenk has been Elected the next Mayor of New Babbage. The current Mayor, Shaunathan Sprocket Abstained and did not vote."

Congratulations to the new mayor-elect! And a thank you as well to the candidates for stepping up in an effort to keep their community going.

Friday, January 30, 2009

A Masquerade...

The citizens of Steelhead danced with visages concealed, their identities unrevealed...
The Mysterious Lady stood to the side, watching the revelry as her fan fluttered in front of her gold-accented mask...Red Death asked her for a dance, dare she take a chance?
And then it came crashing down...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Evening in Steelhead

Tonight at the Steelhead town meeting I thought I would wear one of Dame Lapin Paris' creations that she gave to me a while back. I think of her sometimes and do miss the cheerful kindness that she had always shown to me. If there is someone closer to her that will see or speak to her, could you please tell her that she is thought of?Afterwards, I walked down the way to my shop to adjust a few vendors. I saw a gathering nearby and peeked outside, where I was asked to join them. Miss Tensai was showing a fantastic creation of hers to Mr Mosseveno Tenk and Mr Trilobyte Zanzibar, a visitor from Babbage. I do think she should open a small shop there as I believe her creations would be most appreciated by its populace. Also present were milliner Reghan Straaf and the Baron Wulfenbach. I had to take a second look at Frau Lowey's campaign dress. Oh my...

Monday, January 26, 2009

In a Mood

Lately, I have been in a mood where I don't want to work inworld. I still love SL and being in it, but I've just been feeling a bit...tired and unmotivated. I just want quiet, to explore, to contribute my talents in a good way and to have meaningful conversations inworld with those I care about.

All commissions will be finished...thank you so much for your patience regarding them. Not shirking anything at all, but I just need this time for myself for a moment inworld and I'll be back to business as normal.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Who Is Really the "Varmint"?

I stopped by my home and found Mr Cato Quan in the front yard with his horse. He seemed to be trying to rid me of my bunny! After I explained that he was my pet and not a random "varmint", he went on his way. I hope this isn't retribution for his employer being on my Evil Genius/Villain Roster. I can't believe she is still angry about that.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Race is On

The other evening Lunar and I explored Babbage, including a visit to the Mayor's office in Town Hall in Babbage Square. As I reported earlier this month, Babbage is holding elections for a new Mayor as Sprocket is stepping down as head.The current candidates who are campaigning rather hard in the Babbage Ning and inworld are Mr. Mosseveno Tenk, Baron Wulfenbach and Mr Aeolus Cleanslate. As I have been a merchant there for quite some time now in the Mermaid Arcade and really like Babbage in general, I have been following this and finding it rather fascinating. Given the recent U.S. elections (culminating in Inauguration Day today) the candidates views, the citizens concerns, and the feeling of a community's future being affected are all a bit engrossing in a way. I believe the actual decision will be made close to Valentine's Day with a candidate cutoff of early February. It should be interesting and good luck to the candidates.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quiet Afternoon in Laval Point

I love my little lighthouse at Laval Point. There's something to be said for curling up on the bed for an afternoon nap after a hot cup of tea and listening to the waves crashing against the rocks outside...*yawns*

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chickening and a Visit Elsewhere

Stopped by Dia's gig at Gearz in Steelhead Boomtown and arrived on the glass floors to Lunar in a cage--surrounded by chicken peeps...Dia herself jumped in as well at the end...Afterwards, Lunar and I went to visit Victoriana. I haven't been there almost since it opened. Lovely, with things under construction. We did not see the tiny town. Is it still there? An advisor and the ward of the Mayor came to greet us. How nice of them...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Photo from my 1st Day in Caledon

Here is a bit of nostalgia for me. It is a picture of my very first visit to Caledon (Victoria City) I was a month-old noob then back in March 2007 and I was in the very first dress I ever made. Miss Gallindo's beautiful brownstone reminded me of ones in my RL home and I was awestruck. I just kept coming back to Caledon over and over again afterwards...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Chugging Through Steelhead

I put on my sailor suit and chugged around Steelhead and its environs today after deciding to go out in my tiny coal powered boat by Ceorl Onlyone. This is the one I won the Firth Regatta in, but I have another by him as well and both are fantastic. They take sim crossings well and are FAST. What fun!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Constructive Dialogues

I have been really thinking. After reading all of these conversations and comments, I believe that this latest "drama" is a good thing.

Hear me really is. It is constructive to "get it out" and to "just say it." This isn't just some holiday-season venting by folks. This isn't an attack of oldtimers vs new. I see it as a culmination of thoughts that've been going on for quite a long time now. A matter of "when" not "if." Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and finally, we are hearing them all. Being able to voice said opinions and learn from them is what can make a nation great, and it's what is done as a nation next that defines it.

Last year, just as I was turning one inworld I wrote this POST. Please read it as it is positive and despite it all, I still believe this to be true almost another year later.

"All created things are impermanent. Strive on with diligence." I believe these last words of Buddha apply to our lives in here as well. *smiles*

I'm done now.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Babbage to Change Management

I have always loved the steampunk community of New Babbage. Its industrial grit and soot and smokestacks have always truly appealed to me and it was one of the first places I enjoyed coming back to over and over again as a relatively new SL citizen. I remember when it still had one sim and I thought it so exciting and beautiful in its own way.

Yesterday, Mayor Shaunathan Sprocket announced in the New Babbage Ning that he was stepping down as mayor and selling New Babbage as he would like a "new challenge" and to move on. Interested buyers are to participate in an election and if selected by the people, they will go on to be the next mayor.

I do wish Mayor Sprocket the best and applaud him for his vision and what he has created. As a community, I also wish the best for New Babbage as well. Industria proficiscor in!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mischief in Steelhead!

I wandered into the Steelbucks cafe in Steelhead Harborside. I found the coffee irresistable...
That seemed to be a bad idea as I ran amok hopping like a maniac through Steelhead afterwards. I jumped into the moss at Mr Eclipse's redwoods...And literally hopped right into the Duchess Sound, who then joined me in the fun. We could not stop laughing. We headed over to the Sheriff's pink flamingo-infested home and fired the cannon on his porch, to which Her Grace said "BEWM!" We tried to straighten the Sheriff's clock and got into a bit of mischief there before moving on...As we were admiring the statues at Town Hall, who should stroll by but Sheriff Fuzz! He took one look at me and groaned, saying "What are you two up to? If Eladrienne is a tiny, you are up to no good!" I told him that if he found pawprints in unusual places in his home, I had nothing to do with it. Dia said the same. He was rather unconvinced...

A Happy New Year to You All

I ran into Miss RubyRed Xue the other day, who is funny and delightful to talk to and describes herself as "steampink". We had originally met at the Duke of Argylle's Grand Tour underwater ball. She made me laugh as she donned her My Little Pony form and brass goggles. She tickled me so much that I couldn't help but to give her one of my hats, which ended up perfectly matching the color of her mane and tail. Why feature her for my end of the year post?

It's just that kind of bright optimism that makes being in here worthwhile...

A Happy New Year to you and yours!