Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Babbage to Change Management

I have always loved the steampunk community of New Babbage. Its industrial grit and soot and smokestacks have always truly appealed to me and it was one of the first places I enjoyed coming back to over and over again as a relatively new SL citizen. I remember when it still had one sim and I thought it so exciting and beautiful in its own way.

Yesterday, Mayor Shaunathan Sprocket announced in the New Babbage Ning that he was stepping down as mayor and selling New Babbage as he would like a "new challenge" and to move on. Interested buyers are to participate in an election and if selected by the people, they will go on to be the next mayor.

I do wish Mayor Sprocket the best and applaud him for his vision and what he has created. As a community, I also wish the best for New Babbage as well. Industria proficiscor in!

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