Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Evening in Steelhead

Tonight at the Steelhead town meeting I thought I would wear one of Dame Lapin Paris' creations that she gave to me a while back. I think of her sometimes and do miss the cheerful kindness that she had always shown to me. If there is someone closer to her that will see or speak to her, could you please tell her that she is thought of?Afterwards, I walked down the way to my shop to adjust a few vendors. I saw a gathering nearby and peeked outside, where I was asked to join them. Miss Tensai was showing a fantastic creation of hers to Mr Mosseveno Tenk and Mr Trilobyte Zanzibar, a visitor from Babbage. I do think she should open a small shop there as I believe her creations would be most appreciated by its populace. Also present were milliner Reghan Straaf and the Baron Wulfenbach. I had to take a second look at Frau Lowey's campaign dress. Oh my...

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Kira said...

Wow! I never thought my creation (Frau Lowey's skirt) would see the light of day! Still.. I'm glad... and still giggling. :)