Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's!

A Happy New Year to you and yours!

Here are my SL resolutions:

1. Spend more time exploring

2. Sail and fly more often

3. Not to let things get to me very much and enjoy myself. After Tele once told me, "It's're just an avatar..."

4. Reduce my inventory

5. Manage my time better while inworld

Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Busy Sunday!

I was admiring Gryffin's trophy for his decorated gallery windows while in my snow phoenix AV, which has crackling fire effects (and snowflakes--what a combination!). I used to wear different AVs on a more regular basis when I first came to Caledon. Why in the world did I ever stop as I do enjoy it so? I have a few favorite forms, such as this one, so perhaps I shall sport them more often! I was preparing to go to the Tinies New Year's Ball in Raglan, but stopped through the Loft in Harborside first for a chat with Dia, Gryffin and Zoe...
This sign in the tavern is hilarious...
I hosted in a pinch for Dia at Jazzer's Paradise where we rocked out to metal...
And ended my evening sharing pints of Guinness and catching up with Prof. Messmer at Dr Fabre's Quarterdeck Reform Club in Port Babbage...

Partying at the Tinies New Year's Ball!

I put on my tiara and little red dress and popped over to Heron Shire in Raglan to party at the tinies New Year's Ball!I had a great time and everyone was so beautifully dressed!
That's me taking a dip in the left glass of pink champagne. *Hic!*
Miss AlohaLani Heron looking lovely as she mixes up the drinks!
I had a great time! I need to visit Raglan more often!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Harborside Hijinks!

It is so nice to know that the "weird" has not entirely left Steelhead!! In all of the excitement surrounding the new sim, we neighbors seem to be really cutting loose! Here is Miss Myfanwy Davies and Sparky Von Sled Dog. She so kindly gave us all copies of the sled and lots of us raced around the sim!Oh my!
A group of us got into a big avatar discussion and Miss Hilra started cycling through her quite large collection...
She then hopped into the time travelling horseless carriage and shot off! Sheriff Fuzz thought about citing her for speeding...I decided to putt around in my own horseless carriage by Mr Offcourse--a holiday present from Edwina--and ended up in the water. I think it's safe to say that this was a first...

Oh the Excitement!

I had a Radio Riel host gig at the A.R.t. Galerie in New Boston celebrating the year's end and the conclusion of the current exhibit. I loved the fireworks that Miss Snook brought out!Dia has established a tavern hang-out place called "The Loft". I love the "Proprietor - Claymore Wielder" sign!Here I am with my next door neighbor Prof. Messmer...
I swapped carriage houses with him and gave him my brick version. I added a second story to the white one for now. I'm still not sure what I want to do...This one is actually my HOME for once...Thought I'd take out the Canal Runner for a spin. It's perfect for the narrow waterways...

New Year's Eve Celebrations!

The Caledon Gaiety Company, Prim Perfect Magazine, Radio Riel and Riel Events cordially invite you to celebrate New Year's Eve in the Independent State of Caledon at the:

Gilded Age Masqued Charity Ball
The Gaiety Theatre - Caledon Penzance

Join us for an all-day extravaganza of formal balls, live auctions, silent auctions and "best dressed" contests! Let's celebrate the new year and give to a worthy cause - "Gardens of Hope"!
  • 4:00AM - 6:00AM SLT - Sydney/Melbourne New Year's Eve Ball
  • 2:00PM - 3:00PM SLT - Live Charity Auction
  • 3:00PM - 5:00PM SLT - London New Year's Eve Ball
  • 8:00PM - 10:00PM SLT - New York New Year's Eve Ball
  • 10:00PM - 11:00PM SLT - Live Charity Auction
  • 11:00PM - 1:00AM SLT - San Francisco New Year's Eve Ball
The Silent Auction will run for 24 hrs starting at 1:00AM SLT December 31st. You can view, and bid on, the items for the Silent Auction in the glass pavillion just south of the Theatre.

Attire: Formal gowns and suits from 1850 - 1910 with masques
Or whimsical, yet tasteful, Victorian period costumes with masques

$500 L awarded to both Best Dressed Lady and Gentleman at each event

The event hosts are donating all auction proceeds to "Gardens Of Hope", an organization that builds greenhouses, tree nurseries, and more in Lesotho, Africa. These gardens are then used as a source of food, firewood and income for several communities in this Southern African nation.

For more infromation visit Better World Island in SL or .

In case of Sim crash or unbearable lag, we will have Coughton Court in Caledon Carntaigh open for the event as well. Guests can enjoy the simulcast of the event, view pictures of the Silent Auction items, and dance free of lag!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Home in Harborside!!!

I love when a sim first opens! The excitement in the air...seeing it transform from bare land to a vibrant community of neighbors. I had been excited all holiday about returning to my new home in Steelhead Harborside. I've decided to name my home on the peninsula at the Steelhead Narrows Bridge "Laval Point"...I put up one of my little carriage houses for the time being until I determine what I want to build there. I am looking towards Steelhead City from the bridge...
I thought I'd go out on the water in my canoe...
It's nice to see it from such a different perspective...
And yes, that IS a hippo in the water!

At the Aerodrome

I felt like flying and went to the Aerodrome to test out Mr D. Hax's tiny Boojum Bomber. I didn't get a chance......As I got caught up in conversations with the rest of the Crazies who were glad to see me back! In front of me is Biggles' tiny steampunky seaplane. All I could say was "Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!"

Out of Time in Steelhead

I got back in from my family's estate in Charleston and thought that I would take some time to catch up and read my cards and open gifts and such. I'm still finding them in my messy inventory! Thank you everyone! I looked at the time and thought I'd go to Steelhead for the Time Traveller party!Oh my! A horseless carriage? I heard rumors that it was capable of transporting folks to a point in the future when people wear poodle skirts. Why in the world would someone want to wear a skirt made out of poodles? The horror!
The stage was decorated with lots of fun time travel contraptions and photos from related moving pictures...
I triple dog dared Mr Chiv Blackadder to dance with the tinies dance machine--as a human--and this happened! Oh dear...
A rifle toting Spartan Doc Mason in a Tardis...He looks like he needs a designated pilot!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays from Elle!

Happy Holidays to you and yours this season! I shall return on the 30th and will see all of you then! Enjoy, and have a wonderful one!

Friday, December 21, 2007

On Architecture in Regency and Such...

Mr Sands stopped by to talk to us at the Inkyboy Gallery, which seems to be turning into the night owl deep discussion spot of choice lately! We talked about architecture (a favorite topic of mine) in Caledon as well as Regency's in general and how it has changed over the past few months

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Duchess Hit & Run!

I was standing in the skating pond when Gryffin appeared and offered me a ride on his flaming flying piano. Yes, that is me in the billowing skirts, as we flew over the Northern sims. We got as far as Wellsian before a "forced" landing...I suggested taking a ride in the mining car as I had not done so before. It operates itself, and does so at a breakneck speed! As I held on for dear life, I caught a glimpse of the Duchess Primverness walking a bit too close to the tracks on a curve. We heard a sickening thump and an "Aaiieeeee! The pain!!" as we whizzed by! Oh no! I believe we ran over the Duchess! I swear it was an accident! She was gone by the time we made a return trip and to my credit, I did send her cupcakes, hoping they would aid in her recuperation...
We continued wandering the Northern sims, exploring the new sims of Brigadoon and Cape Wrath. I always find the first houses in a sim very interesting, although we all know the new owners will take them down almost immediately...

Partying with the Guv!

I wasn't even supposed to be inworld or in Caledon at the time I was today, but just happened to catch a mysterious CalChat IM from the Guvnah saying "Come to this location. Don't ask questions, just come..." The curiosity got many of us and we found ourselves in an industrial club called FOLTERSEQUENZ partying to metal with the Guv (in the dark gray in the background across from Lady Darkling)...He needed to leave, but encouraged us to stay and party on with the DJ, Nova Sakigake, anyway--which we did!
Am I dancing over a VORTEX??
Lady Darkling and Cap'n Trenton even showed off some yoga moves...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Silks in Steelhead

Two weeks ago, some of us ladies agreed to show up at the next meeting in Steelhead in silks. Last week, only Genie Burton and Miss Lumina did so as the rest of us forgot. So we ladies made up for it and attended in our silks. I was told I cheated for entering in a full fur coat. I mean, it's cold outside and I took it off didn't I?Miss Agatha Sungsoo went afk this meeting...
Managers Miss Hilra and Mr Eclipse, along with Sheriff Fuzz, look over the Harborside map. It's not too late as we still have a few 512 and 1024 parcels left if you, or someone you know would like one...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Eds' VERY Big Mansion

When Edwina told me that she had come into possession of a rather large mansion, I did not imagine that it was truly so large. As in, Dia was able to ride her horse around in it with room to spare, and when she went afk...We rode cars (I did not care to walk!), rezzed BIG red rotating balls, Duchess Gabi was waltzing away in the ballroom as we had target practice from the balcony overhead. I even took to running everywhere at one point. I found an aquarium room with lots of tanks but no fish a bit...disturbing, but not as disturbing as the knee-high 48-hour old noob who wasn't bothered at all by us standing on the stairs in our Lightfoot Waltz dresses with Ordinal RCAF special guns...
We watched as she just strolled right by us. "Excuse me, what are you doing? Pleave leave," Eds asked. All of us are normally rather nice to noobies, but when polite entreaties fell upon deaf--and taunting (the nerve!) ears--the noob hunt was on. "Freeze her!" Dia said as we ran through the mansion's halls. I was becoming tired as those halls were so long. Alas, she gave us the slip before we saw her and took aim from the balcony. "Good as banned!" Eds said, before any of us fired. "I think it's time for me to put on security here, don't you think?" I do believe her manservant Nigel will have quite a lot to clean up after last night!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dancing Sunday Away

My computer and SL were conspiring against me, but I finally made it inworld to attend Air Commander Foxy's (Miss Connolly) WWII/1940s Air Force-themed party for the SL Bloggers group. Some of the most well-known bloggers made their way to Mayfair to dance...I did a little work at the Cape (the MoonBox is safe to tp to now Miss Alva!) and joined Eds & Dia at Miss Bracken's in the Highlands for a formal now turned contemporary...