Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My New Inkyboy Gallery Build for Mr G. Hax!

YAY! For quite a while now I have been working on this build for the new location of Mr Gryffin Hax's Inkyboy Gallery in Regency! I act as Curator for him, so I am excited about this new place. Still some tweaks and little things I need to do as he moves from Eyre, but it is down in Regency and I think it is quite stunning! Oooooo... After we dropped and rezzed the Gallery, I headed over to Port Caledon for some chitchat with Dia... I was at Cape Messmer talking to Sir Tele, who was visiting Morgaine for the first time, for quite a while. Just as he left, I heard a buzzing overhead and walked to the Aerodrome. Instead of a plane, I found Lord Vid as a bee taking a break from a project and flying around. It is quite a nice AV!


Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Fascinating build, madam - I shall have to visit it in short order!
R. Fabre

Gryffin Hax Jr. said...

Hello, hello, hello! I'm finally able to read the blogs again! I've been busy with this enormous project for a while. And what do I see? My enormous project!

Thank you, Elle, for doing such a terrific job on my build. It's absolutely beautiful.

I'll try to put something up about it on my poor neglected blog this weekend--but for now, back to hanging paintings for me!