Friday, December 28, 2007

Out of Time in Steelhead

I got back in from my family's estate in Charleston and thought that I would take some time to catch up and read my cards and open gifts and such. I'm still finding them in my messy inventory! Thank you everyone! I looked at the time and thought I'd go to Steelhead for the Time Traveller party!Oh my! A horseless carriage? I heard rumors that it was capable of transporting folks to a point in the future when people wear poodle skirts. Why in the world would someone want to wear a skirt made out of poodles? The horror!
The stage was decorated with lots of fun time travel contraptions and photos from related moving pictures...
I triple dog dared Mr Chiv Blackadder to dance with the tinies dance machine--as a human--and this happened! Oh dear...
A rifle toting Spartan Doc Mason in a Tardis...He looks like he needs a designated pilot!

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