Monday, December 17, 2007

Eds' VERY Big Mansion

When Edwina told me that she had come into possession of a rather large mansion, I did not imagine that it was truly so large. As in, Dia was able to ride her horse around in it with room to spare, and when she went afk...We rode cars (I did not care to walk!), rezzed BIG red rotating balls, Duchess Gabi was waltzing away in the ballroom as we had target practice from the balcony overhead. I even took to running everywhere at one point. I found an aquarium room with lots of tanks but no fish a bit...disturbing, but not as disturbing as the knee-high 48-hour old noob who wasn't bothered at all by us standing on the stairs in our Lightfoot Waltz dresses with Ordinal RCAF special guns...
We watched as she just strolled right by us. "Excuse me, what are you doing? Pleave leave," Eds asked. All of us are normally rather nice to noobies, but when polite entreaties fell upon deaf--and taunting (the nerve!) ears--the noob hunt was on. "Freeze her!" Dia said as we ran through the mansion's halls. I was becoming tired as those halls were so long. Alas, she gave us the slip before we saw her and took aim from the balcony. "Good as banned!" Eds said, before any of us fired. "I think it's time for me to put on security here, don't you think?" I do believe her manservant Nigel will have quite a lot to clean up after last night!

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