Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bunnies Amok

Yesterday Lunar and I amused ourselves by running amok as tiny bunnies. There is something to be said for the "instant happy" that being a tiny bunny seems to create, although it has been rumored that I tend to be rather destructive and mischievous about town when I am one--getting myself into all sorts of hijinks and shenanigans. I wonder if Sheriff Fuzz ever got the pawprints off of his ceiling...

Steelhead Port Harbor was listed in the Linden Lab Search Showcase as a "Hot Spot" so there has been quite an influx of new folks coming to town. We popped over to the landing point where Tensai was setting things out and highly amused some new visitors. She put down something shiny. I licked it and passed out for a spell. Oh dear.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Steelhead Town Meeting 10/27: Fuzzwolf

The citizens of Steelhead gathered for their weekly town meeting. Sheriff Fuzz was a bit "fuzzier" than normal...Our spooky stories readings will continue on Sun., Nov 1 at the Steelhead Library Gardens at 11:30 SLT. You may check HERE for more events and goings-on in Steelhead.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Steelhead Town Meeting: A Hot Hat

The citizens of Steelhead gathered for their weekly meeting. As it has a section during which Tensai discusses the latest technological advances affecting our world, mention of a certain more "fluid" motion of one's bosom as recently implemented in a viewer was discussed. This of course led to a very Steelheadesque raucous discussion of certain floppy appendages. And to add further interest, O'Toole's hat was a bit hot for him and some sitting nearby took advantage of that fact...Many spooky events coming up, so do read more HERE about Steelhead's events and such.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Steelhead Town Meeting: Oct. 13

The citizens of Steelhead gathered for their weekly town meeting. We're having an upcoming hunt and our Annual Spookiest House Contest and Tour on the 24th. There will also be a greet Spooky Readings event on the 18th and Nov 1. For more information about Steelhead events and goings-on, do read more HERE.

And you would think the squirrel jokes would get old by now, but, they don't seem to.

Sailing on the Firth and Over Nessie

I took the Seredipity out for a spin...well, slow-going cruise. Phin gave it to me last year as a present for our one-year anniversary of being together. I thought I'd finally take it out on the Firth and set out from Messmer Harbor in Mayfair...
En route, I felt stuck on a prim or something and had to steer around it. Upon coming back it rezzed and I realized what I had almost run over. First duchesses and now Nessie? Oh dear...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Steelhead Town Meeting 10/6: Birthday Balloons

The citizens of Steelhead gathered for their weekly town meeting last night, where we were all given red balloons to celebrate Mrs Peterman's birthday. Some of us floated with said balloons occasionally. Also, a mysterious letter was left on the front of town hall. Whoever could it be from and what does it portend?

For more Steelhead events and goings on, please find more information HERE.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Issue 8 of The Primgraph Available

The latest issue of The Primgraph magazine is out, with articles of interest to those in the Steamlands and historic sims...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Steelhead Civic Project: Manhole Covers

Lunar is constantly doing civic projects for Steelhead and like with the street signs all over, the new house numbers, and whatnot I get recruited to create things and textures for the town. The latest project he had for me? Manhole covers. Inspired by decorated Japanese manhole covers, some of which are gorgeous and look like woodcut drawings, I took out my sketchbook and drew Steelhead's namesake fish...
Using the sketch as my template, I then created the actual texture for the cover itself and voila! Finished manhole cover in Boomtown! There will be three more designs. Like the Japanese ones, they are unique to their location, so each Steelhead sim will have its own design. Do look out for them when you visit!