Thursday, July 23, 2009

Steelhead's Street Signs

As part of Lunar's ongoing civic beautification projects in Steelhead, he has placed street signs all over town...
He recruited me to make the signs themselves. Each sim has a different icon: the Steelhead flag for Capital City, Narrows Bridge for Harborside, a trout for Boomtown and the bridge arch for Port Harbor. The street that ends at my home in Harborside has one of the most unusual names in Steelhead...How did it get that name? I suggested it since Tensai set my seagull afire almost as soon as rental poles were put up in Harborside. I just never bothered to douse the flames. The gull does not seem to mind...

1 comment:

I R Birdie said...

Dear madam,

I write to you from the HQ of The Metaverse Society for the Protection of Feathered Critters to ask you to cease any and all immolating activities with immediate effect.

Thank you.
I R Birdie.