Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Caledon Project: Day 8, Caledon Strathspey

Journal Entry, Day 8, Caledon Strathspey
Owned by His Grace Aberdon Enigma, the first things I thought upon arriving at Caledon Strathspey was "Please, surprise me. Have something worth my seeing here, please." It is a small island duchy, so perhaps that was an unfair thought to think at first...and then...I really was pleasantly surprised. Strathspey is barren and rocky with fields of wildflower grass. I imagined just hearing my footsteps, the waves and the wind as I came upon fantastic castle ruins. For an explorer like myself, I found Strathspey enchanting not only because of how spare it was, but because it felt like a place all could visit.

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Mimi said...

I am very glad you visited and enjoyed it, indeed, all are welcome and encouaged to visit...We have not had as much free time to be in SL lately or formally host guests, but aside from a small area at Fauve reserved privately for building, we welcome new friends and guests to share in all our SL holdings and creations. :). As you no doubt noticed, it is also damage enabled and with both sky and sea piracy on the rise, I would suggest a good means of defense/escape should the need suddenly occur... ;D
Fauve & Abe