Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Steelhead Town Meeting: 7/21 & Shanghai Map is Out!

We gathered for the weekly Steelhead town meeting last night. At one point Miss Rossi Portland floated in the air and twirled for a moment. I would say that was unusual, but we all know better when it comes to our meetings. We discussed SL RFL and the Salmons raised over $229, 300L! We also ranked as the #5 team overall for offline donations, reaching a total so far of $925 USD. 93% of our goal of $1000 USD, with with Frau Lowey being #4 in terms of raising offline donations overall.

The map for Steelhead Shanghai is now available in the Town Hall foyer for viewing. By the looks of its layout, it promises to be an interesting, exciting new sim! If you would like a lot for yourself, please contact TotalLunar Eclipse.

For more meeting goings-on and Steelhead events and information, please click HERE.

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