Thursday, June 18, 2009

Caledon Project Day Two: Caledon Mayfair

Journal Entry, 17 June
Although I spend a lot of time at the lighthouse on the Firth with Phin, this is the first time that I have walked around the sim itself since selling my parcel here many months ago. It has an odd feeling of familiar, yet not. Like walking through memories. I used to spend so much time here and it was my first Caledon home. It is still very quiet...a sleepy residential sim with small shops. I always liked that about it. I came across Miss FrancesStevens Bravehart and had a conversation with her at the hub. She told me that she has been rezzing at that spot since she joined NCI. I asked her a question I will ask all that I come across: "What is compelling about Caledon to you?"

"The nice people," she told me. "I like to random tp and no matter yet where I go, I always come back here 'cause the folks I have met here are so helpful and friendly." Just before I walked away she added: "Oh, and another reason that I like being here is the sunset. Just standing here looking down the street...RL just washes away."

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