Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Caledon Project Day One: Caledon Penzance

Journal, Day One, 17 June
Penzance. Still rather lag-heavy. Is it the textures here? I've never quite understood why. It has always been this way. One of Caledon's most striking in layout and look, I know folks who either truly like it or are baffled by it. For me, I think Penzance is special, but the verdict is still out. I set out from the home that I share with Phin--the last of Miss Gallindo's original rowhomes. The shops are still well-maintained, as I believe they are protected and can not be altered. The Gaiety Theater is so lovely, but I always thought it was underused. The gazebo/pavilion in the middle of the sim is an improvement to me as it used to be a bare expanse of cobblestone. Wait...the open plaza is still here, but a quarter of the sim is now a garden wonderland by Antique Artistry. I stopped by the Connolly Aerodrome and took in the view from high on the hill. If you have not, you should. I am rather excited about what I will see and who I may meet. On to Mayfair!


onyxplutonian said...

Miss Laval, you have inspired me to resume my own long neglected walking tour. As I am coming up from the South, mayhaps we will meet in the middle somewhere.

Eladrienne Laval said...

I am so glad to hear that! I hope that more folks are inspired to appreciate their virtual homes and communities more by actually getting out and truly enjoying them!

And yes, I do hope that we will cross paths. Happy exploring.