Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Steelhead Post Office

One of the buildings that I have been hard at work on is the Steelhead Post Office Harborside Station! It is based upon the historic Martinson Cabin Museum in Poulsbo, WA and I had a great time building and tweaking/creating whole new textures for it. Much of the signage is inspired by RL historic post office signage and visit if only to go inside and read the post office hours! Miss Genie and I were talking outside of it and she has claimed PO Box #36.
I really want folks to come by and actually have fun using it regularly. Anyone may send fun Steelhead postcards with the LM in it to their friends in SL, so they can come and visit Steelhead for themselves. There is a dropbox for Steelhead suggestions and ideas out from and Lunar will be adding one for himself. I'll be adding more things to the post office soon, such as a general drop box for everyone if they want to write letters to one another and have them delivered. Enjoy!

After I talked to Genie, I was riding my little pony around town and came across Lunar's demon brother Chronos. He promised not to eat my pony (or me!) and we had a rather amiable chat...


TotalLunar Eclipse said...

I live down the street from that building.... you're not stalking me are you?

Eladrienne Laval said...

Look behind you! *laughs*