Sunday, May 17, 2009

Capture the Flag

Playing a bit of catch-up here as I was away in Toronto recently for a history symposium...

Hotspur O'Toole held a charity RFL event in Port Merrimac, which was a lot of fun. Using Kandace Common's paddleboats and capture the flag system, we formed two teams and it was a blast! Literally. It's pretty simple. One gets situated in their paddleboat and after being assigned to/choosing your team (in this case, red or blue), you make your way to the opposite team's buoy where their flag is...And when you get it, like I had in the image below, you try to avoid your paddleboat being attacked by the other team and make your way back to touch your own team's buoy! That simple!
We all had a splendid time and I look forward to perhaps playing again in the future. O'Toole, is Steelhead Port Harbor big enough to do so? We should have a regular weekly game of it there!

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