Sunday, September 2, 2007

Back in Caledon

Made it safely back to Caledon. It's quite nice to be home and yes, I missed you all too. Of course, one of the first things that I did was go to the informal Radio Riel GenX party for a while towards the beginning. I was going to be good and productive this evening, so I'm going to blame Sir Tele for asking me if I was coming and sending the tp. Then again, it's not like I can resist a dance floor with friends...I left the party early (Gasp! I know! Hell can freeze over!) to catch-up with folks and ended up working on my home's pier some more. I always build in a fancy ballgown or dress, so tonight was no different. I love to build, as I find it calming (it's either that or shooting fire arrows) and the whole fancy dress thing is something I've always done since I've been in SL.

All I can say is that I go away for 9 days and 4 brand-new water sims pop out of nowhere? Congrats to the new duchesses and duke! Hmm...I must find a sailboat...

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