Friday, September 14, 2007

Steelhead & Scarecrows

Ran the Steelhead Horse Race again...with a similar result. I was in the lead cutting the corner near the bay when Flashy froze. Everything else around including me could move, but not him! Got him together again only to freeze on the opposite corner of the pier. My frustrated shout could probably be heard in the next sim. One more time right at the finish line after watching folks pass me again again and again was too much. O'Toole even found his racing ostritch Petunia high in the air and others froze too, but it was still a fun race and a good course! Congrats to His Grace Otenth Padenborn and Lady Dia.

Oh! And I won 2nd place in the Steelhead scarecrow contest! Hooray! If you'd like one, you may find it for sale at either of my shop locations!Speaking of crows, Mr. Goodliffe has decided to open "Puck's Corvus Sanctuary" as a haven for ravens, crows, blackbirds, vultures and bats to fly free until November. I suppose I shall be making a sign tomorrow...
And of course my evening ending dancing with Radio Riel at the Rock Factory!

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