Thursday, September 6, 2007

Traveling Cabinets & Monastic Builds

I thought I would catch up with Dr. Sputnik as we had not seen one another since the Carntaigh Investiture Ball a while ago. I could not pass up a chance to see the fabled Etheric Traveling Cabinet. Rather wondrous indeed. Miss Lightfoot gave me a tour as Dr. Sputnik made some repairs, which is good as the ETC was making some rather questionable noises. He fixed it just in time to be able to drop me off in Eyre. I shall say that stepping into a swirling vortex is quite an experience!Later, I was invited to see Mr. Writer's beautiful new build in progress--a monastery at the top of a mountain in Stormhold. He hopes for it to be a meeting place for the new Caledon Writers Group and the Caledon Historical Society. I am looking forward to seeing the final result!

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