Friday, September 14, 2007

E. Laval, Crash Tester & Steampunk Model

I love the inventors and scripters of Caledon. Their imaginations come to life within their creations and lead to interesting things happening on a regular basis. I was out sailing my tako the other day when Mr. Enoch whizzed by on his hovering aircraft and offered me a ride. Echoes of Capt. Trenton's "It's a prototype so...well...hope you have insurance..." when he offered me the Suicide Runner rang through my head, but I shook that feeling off and me being me...of course I hopped onboard!

Mr. Enoch and I whizzed over Caledon's Firth border sims and it was a lot of fun...and then the parcel hit. "Aaaiigh!" I said as we went down, upside-down in some water. Was this payback for my hair-raising Runner ride with him the other day? I laughed, wet, and turned the water out of my wings before hopping on again! So, when he asked for a model for his "Flaming Flying Piano" (which does play!) ad I was game. How could I resist dressing up AND a flying piano on fire? We got in some good shots before taking it for a spin...and hitting a parcel and ending up upside-down in Tangle!
"We really must stop ending our meetings this way Miss Laval!" he said. "I suppose," I said. "But where would the adventure and fun be in that?!"

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