Saturday, September 15, 2007

Got Wood?

The Caber Tossing during the Highland Fling activities in Loch Avie inspired a lot of comments about large poles, big wood, and how to handle it. You know how I feel about men in kilts, so I headed over from the Early Bird's 1950s party to see for myself:
The Baron, Mr. Smashcan, Mr. Writer, Col. O'Toole, and organizer Prof. Avalanche were the main competitors in their tartany goodness...and we ladies watched and swooned over them from the sidelines...
However, when asked if we'd like to try, I was the first to say yes and scored very well! Mind you, I did it in a fancy dress and high heels. Oof! Take that gents!
Col. O'Toole ended up winning it all, showing us that he really knew his way around a large pole...Oh my, I couldn't resist...

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