Monday, October 1, 2007

Surviving the Rolling Restarts

Here is a close-up view of one of the rooftop bridges that I built. I think it's beautiful and a lot of fun to walk over and under given its fortified glass walkway. I thought I'd play upon the delicate nature of our railings and the oxidized metal colors of my pier and the front oriels of the brownstone of my atELier ladies shop.I also thought that I would get a better look at the Regency Stone Circle...
For hours, many of us had to ride out the rolling restarts, bouncing from sim to sim (if tp'ing worked) as whole sims disappeared before our eyes or went offline. 1200 regions went offline! I stayed at my friend Mr Anatine's shop for the majority of the time before riding out the rest of it in Babbage. Babbage Square disappeared, but Canals and the new Port were there and I took some time to explore it and its shops. I ran into inventor Mr. Pizzini Mayo (who made Mr Goodliffe's steampunk heart) and Miss Eggberta Etchegaray, editor of the New Babbage Cog. Miss Etchegaray and I spent much of the craziness having a great conversation and Mayor Sprocket stopped by and showed us his rather "illuminating" hat. I always have the most interesting excursions there!

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