Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Pirate's Life for Me

We gathered in Sanchon to prepare for battle, ships at the ready...And our teams chosen. As boatswain of the Zaneta, there is no other ship that I'll serve on...
The battle was on...the HGS Zaneta against the Isabell, the Black Rat, and the Independance. The brigs held their own, but the new longships are small, agile, and quite fast. The other two ships started late, allowing the veteran captain Admiral Arbre and his gunner to get to us first, although we made him really work for it!
It was down to the Admiral and one of the longships, as we all watched. In the second battle, it came down to the same longship and the Zaneta. I fired away, only for them to get the better of us in the end. Grrr...
We had a free for all melee on shore afterwards, rapiers slashing and flintlock pistols blazing. In the ensuing chaos, I was cut down...Ah, the life of a pirate is a dangerous one indeed.

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