Monday, October 8, 2007

Conversation and A Fitting...

I heard a "Hellllloooooo!!!" as Otenth and Dia stopped by the shop as Mr Writer was scripting my doors for me. I redid my stairs and railing last night and I'm rather pleased with them. Building and fashion...Yes. Scripting? I am quite inept. We had a good conversation before Dia popped away to go spar in Loch Avie. I would have joined her, but I was a bit busy and had a fitting in Mayfair to tend to...I swear he was looking right at me for quite a while when I took the picture, damnable lag! Let us just pretend that the Duke Regent Kintyre was contemplating something deep when I snapped it. He had commissioned me to create the tartan waistcoats for the members of the Kintyre court, including a tiny-sized version. I even threw in a top hat for him (although he's not much of a hat person--can't muss the ponytail, right?) I think they all came out rather well and I'm looking forward to knowing what the rest of them think.
Here I am modeling the tiny version of it...I used the same vintage velvet, except his has pearl buttons and is a full ensemble with black bespoke herringbone fabric trousers. Can't wait to see it on its recipient!

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