Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kira's Dia de Los Muertos Oferendas

I received a comment from Miss Kelley the other day, telling me that she had created an ancestor altar in Speirling. I went to see it and was so moved by its beauty as you can tell that it is love-filled...Even here in SL, we change...we discover new things about who we are and what we want. Sometimes, to move forward, we have to have a measure of closure on our past and on those that we have lost in our lives as often that pain alone can keep us from healing and continuing on a path to evolve and change into the person we are meant to become.
I think she did a beautiful job...don't you?


Gryffin Hax Jr. said...

She really did do a great job on it. Be sure you have your music turned on when you go. Although, I think it's scheduled to come down tomorrow. So hurry up!

Kira said...

Thank you so much for this post, and for your kind words!! I loved putting it together, and how it brought back memories as I shuffled through pictures to use, how to arrange things... While our pasts may sometimes seem like a curse, for the most part they are a blessing, as are the people who help to make you who you are. Thank you, once again!!


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