Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dark Victorians Dia de Los Muertos Exhibit

I love being an active member of the Dark Victorians group. It suits me well, given my penchant for wearing either black or red. Tonight was the opening of the Dia de Los Muertos exhibit at the Tanglewood Bunneh Hutch. You'll find Muertos-inspired pieces created by Caledonians, such as my "poster" below......As well as artwork and an oferenda for artists Diego Rivera and Frieda Kahlo...You'll also find a box of amusing calavera (skeleton) skins by Miss StormChat Noir, similar to those in traditional paintings such as those by José Guadalupe Posada--whose work you will also be able to see examples of. Here I am dressed up as a calavera along with Doc Mason. For a while, the two of us sipped tequila and margaritas while exchanging bad skeleton puns and jokes (see below)...
Miss Laval & Doc Mason's Top 5 Calavera Bad Jokes:
1. "Drink your milk!"
2. "Well, at least they didn't 'rib' me about it..."
3. "Dr. Mason, have you lost weight?"
4. "...kneebone connected to the legbone..."
5. "I don't mind if you smoke. It's not like it's bad for my health..."

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Kira said...

The Dark Victorians exhibit was excellent, and gave me a chance to mirror my rl through sl once more. As of tonight, East Speirling will have a shrine for Dia de Los Muertos, honoring our deceased family members, and will be open to the public.