Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Haunting in Steelhead

Ghosts were summoned by Dr. Mason and appeared at the Bloodwing Foundation's headquarters in Steelhead. He soon found himself with the Grey Lady of Mayfair seahag and the Night Huntsman in his basement, surrounded by an otherworldly mist..."Who dares to summon us?" she said, cackling and swinging the Huntsman's head..."God, I hate this time of year," muttered Sheriff Ortega, who had stopped through to see the commotion. They were also soon joined by Lady Amber and Miss Rothschild, who was a little frightened and hid behind Mr. Hassanov. "You have lost your head, but still have your shotgun?" the Grey Lady asked the Huntsman. "Do you know how much shotguns cost?" the Sheriff said.
There were a few more frights for those there, a disdain for reanimation and corporeal form from the Grey Lady, and a 100-year grudge declaration by the Huntsman for her taking his head before both disappeared into the aether, as mysteriously as they appeared.

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Darien Mason said...

You can haunt my mansion any time, Miss Laval! *smiles*