Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gorey House in Babbage

"Come join me in Babbage. You must see this!" was the invite from Mr. Goodliffe. I tp'd over and found myself standing in a house--an Edward Gorey house! I have always loved his work...a little twisted and spooky... The house's creator pays tribute to the artist, famous for his B&W pen and ink illustrations, by making you feel as if you have stepped into one of his pieces...It even has bats and his lovely wispy ghosts on the roof! Oh! The creature from The Doubtful Guest, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary of publication this year!
It was interesting seeing everything suspended in the air as Babbage itself undergoes a bit of preparation for a new look and new sim...

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Skusting Dagger said...

I do not remember if I mentioned, last evening, that Miss Paine has moved the Ogdred Weary House to the Canal District..
Indeed, it is practically next door to Ruby's Pub now!
(I attribute my memory lapses to too much teleportaion, transfiguration, and absinthe)