Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bosun Laval of the HGS Zaneta!

I'm the new boatswain of the HGS Zaneta, which is under the command of Commodore Sin Trenton. This is part of his announcement from his journal:

"Miss Laval of Caledon Regency holds the rank as Midshipman in the Imperial Navy of Caledon, has proven herself in battle and is known not to flinch when facing danger.

Midshipman Laval will take the position of Boatswain on the HGS Zaneta, which generally means she will be in charge of morality boosts, grog and whisky rations, coordination of guns in battle, gangpressing, and ship order. The latter means keeping the crew in line and the captain sober...occasionally."

He said that he will keep Kintyre chocolates and fine Lagavulin whisky stocked on board just for me. I might be on the high seas of SL, but I am still very much a lady of class!

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