Friday, October 19, 2007

Miss Picnic's Rez Day Party! YAY!

O'Toole and Her Grace, the Duchess of Middlesea, hosted the Rez Day party of O'Toole's very good friend Miss Frequency Picnic, who is as much fun as the party thrown in her honor. Here she is doing a bit of pole dancing...Here are Dia and I dancing in the pink he got them I have no idea *looks innocent*
Many of their hobo crew friends turned out and they are a lot of fun. I really enjoyed meeting and partying with them...
Mud wrestling...of course!
Here I am wearing my lava lamp-esque "light gown" by SL artist Juria Yoshikawa. The best of parties end with a bang, and in this case, a particle show...Happy Rez Day Miss Picnic!

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