Saturday, November 24, 2007

Victorian Decorative Arts and Sugar Rushes

Many of us gathered in Port Caledon for the first part of Mr Offcourse's very interesting Victorian Decorative Arts presentation. For someone interested in history and architecture such as myself, I found it fascinating. I was quite glad to have my bonnet, cape, muff, and velvet dress as it was rather cold out...Later I put on my grey assistant's dress and headed over to the Messmer Labs in Penzance, where Prof. Messmer showed me his latest projects...
To celebrate, caramel crunches were set out, and have now been banned from the lab. To find out why and more about my first day in the lab, you may read more HERE.
Prof. Messmer joined me at the Gaeity Theatre in Penzance for the other half of the Decorative Arts presentation. Miss Persephone Gallindo, lead designer of Penzance spoke about texture usage and Mr Offcourse demonstrated texture and sculptie techniques. It was very well-done and informative. Bravo to them both!
We then walked down the road to the Aerodrome, where I hopped into my new Cubey Terra Nieuport, which is fast becoming the air vehicle of the RCAF. However, upon looking at the end of the runway into Morgaine, I saw the Guvnah flitting about. Visions of hitting the new Morgaine floating mountain or worse--the Guvnah--popped into my head. "I believe we should hold off for a while?" Air Chief Messmer suggested. "Yes," I said, watching the Guvnah zoom by. "That would be best for now..."

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